What is KLMS Agent On Your Samsung Phone?

What is KLMS Agent On Your Samsung Phone?

KLMS Agent: In this digital world, lots of companies start working on the digital platform to be able to store their data or the information in the system so that they can easily access the information. Also, the company’s main server gets connected with the internet for ease of access by the company but it is also possible that the attackers might attack the data and can manipulate it as well.

As the users’ desktops are also connected with the server and devices can be in danger and the attackers might be able to attack the device. So, here we are sharing how the KLMS agent works properly. 

What is KLMS Agent on Samsung Phone?

KLMS Agent

If we talk about the KLMS agent meaning then, is one of the parts of Samsung’s Secure Android Platform which is also known as KNOX. It is one of the software which will prevent the users from accessing their system. Also, it will provide protection and privacy and also the production of all types of files related to work on mobile phones. You will get safe and secure access to your work emails and some of the other apps related to business on your mobile. Also, you can use the agent to search and lock and wipe your system if it gets stolen or lost. 

You need to know that the Samsung KNOX will create a secure and productive place in your device. It will make sure that nothing gets mixed in the private data and also in the data related to work by simply creating a private and safe environment on the device. Also, the apps in the KNOX can’t get accessed by the outside data and also the outside apps as well. All the inside data of KNOX gets encrypted and provides a safe and secure workplace. 

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Features of KLMS (KNOX)

Now, let’s talk about the features of KLMS which you must need to know before removing the KLMS agent device admin from your device. So, below, we are sharing all its features for your ease. Must check all of them properly. 

Software Integrity

As you know, the devices are having lots of preloaded software, and also they are known as secure as they are installed by the trusted source and will remain unchanged. If an attacker tries to make any changes in the software in terms of ignoring the device security. Knox will enable the device to find out the modifications and also it will immediately lock the software to protect the information 

Least Privilege

The software required access to the resources of the device in order to work in a proper manner. Also, the KNOX will ensure the resources will be used to maintain the device security by the software if any attack takes place. 

Data Storage Protection

KLMS agent samsung Knox also gives the protection of your personal data like your images, emails, and your contact number from the attackers. Also, it will encrypt the data in that manner so that none of the other people can make any change. 

Network Protection

Data that travel as a network like Wi-Fi or the cellphone data or by the data that will travel via Bluetooth can be hacked or used by hackers. Also, the KNOX will provide the encryption of the network and protect it from the data provided by hackers. 

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Is KLMS Agent a Virus?

As per the discussion in the above-given details, we hope you understand that the KLMW Agent is not a virus and also it is one of the best apps that will store the data related to their work securely. Also, some of the people who don’t have any idea about the process of how to use the app and if you think that it is a kind of virus then you need to know that it is not a virus. Also, it is one of the best and its name says that it is something dangerous. 

Also, if you want to know more then you are required to read this article till the end. 

KLMS Agent Features (KNOX)

You need to know that Samsung security to the workspace comes up with lots of features. Now, let’s discuss Samsung’s unique features, and by reading this article, you will get the proper answer about klms agent safe to remove or not. 

Software Integrity

We all know very well that the origin of the software will decide that it is safe or unsafe. If anyone downloads the software from a third-party source or any other untrusted source, they suggest ensuring it is secure. Also, some of the scammy websites will try to break your security system and try to make some changes in your system. 

If any of these types of actions takes place, then the KNOX will block those actions immediately and protect your device’s data. These modifications can be easily identified with the help of the system, which will develop software integrity. 

Least Privilege

Mostly, all the security software needs access to the device’s resources in terms to secure the device and work properly. In this term, KNOX is one of them which will ensure to provide minimum service to the user. Also, it will help the software to give the best security and secure the device from any type of attack. 

Data Storage Protection

As per the above-given information, we can clearly say that the basic feature of the app is the protection of data. Also, the android KLMS agent will help you to protect your stored data such as contacts, images and emails, and much more. Also, this app is completely secure where no one will be able to make any change in its settings and can’t modify it. 

Network Protection

It is one of the common things which is usually done by hackers where they extract all your data with the help of the networks. Also, the data gets transferred with the network like Wifi, Bluetooth, and cellular data. Also, it is possible that your data or information will get hacked at the time of this process, and in this case, KNOX will make sure to keep your data safe and secure from hackers. Also, it will allow you to use network encryption which will help you to keep safe your data from hackers.

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What is KLMS Agent Doing On My Phone?

It may be that you are thing about the KLMS agent app what it is and what it is doing on your device as you didn’t install it. So, if this thing takes place in your mind then read this section carefully. 

KLMS Agent is not an app that was installed by the user but it is one of the pre-installed apps. Basically, this app takes place in your device from the manufacturer of your device. In simple terms, we can say that the KLMS Agent is bloatware. So, you don’t need to worry about where it takes place in your device. This app gets updated automatically and it is the main concern for the people. 

So, if you really want to get rid of KLMS Agent, you need to read this article to know all the best methods. 

How to Disable KLMS Agent (KNOX) in Your Android?

If you are a user of unrooted Samsung android devices such as Galaxy S7 or Note 5 and so on then you must use this process. Also, if you are a user of Galaxy Note 4 or Note 3 then you can also be able to use this process. 

  • First of all, you need to open the KNOX app. 
  • Then, you need to open its settings and make a click on the KNOX settings option. 
  • Now, here you will get an option of KLMS agent Uninstall KNOX on which you have to make a click. 
  • A message will pop up on the display related to the backup of Knox. You need to simply select the option of Backup Now in terms of saving your data into the folder of your device. Now, simply make a click on the “OK” button. 

So, by following the above-given steps, you will be able to easily uninstall the KNOX app with the KLMS agent android app from your device. 

If you are using a new Samsung device then you need to follow the below-given steps to uninstall it. 

  • You need to open the settings of your device and then simply search for the option of Apps. 
  • Now, on the top right side, you will get a menu option where you need to make a click on the System app. 
  • Then, you need to simply search for the KNOX app, and you will find different types of apps related to the KLMS agent. 
  • Simply disable all the apps related to KNOX from your device, When you complete this process, then you need to simply reboot your device simply. 

So, we hope that by using the above-given steps, you can be able to disable the app. Now, let’s have a look at the process of how to uninstall these types of apps from your android device in a complete manner. 


How to Uninstall KLMS Agent (KNOX) in Your Samsung Android

If you are using the rooted Samsung device then it can easily handle this problem. You don’t need to disable this app and also you can easily be able to uninstall it quickly. You just need to follow a few methods and steps to uninstall KLMS Agent completely from your device. 

Method 1: Uninstall KLMS Agent (Rooted Samsung)

  • First of all, you need to open the Google Play store, and then in the search bar, you have to search for the “Titanium Backup” app. 
  • Simply download that app and then make a click on the Install button to install this app on your Samsung device. 
  • Then, you need to open that app and in the search bar, you need to type KNOX. 
  • After this, a complete list of apps will appear on the display, you need to free up all the apps related to KNOX with the help of the Titanium backup. 
  • After completion of all these processes, you just have to reboot your device. 
  • You need to open the Google Play Store and then simply search for the Android Terminal Emulator app. 
  • Simply download and install it and launch the app. 
  • It will also ask you for the permissions for the root access, simply allow it. 
  • Now, you need to go to the terminal editor and enter some commands. 
  • By doing this, you can be able to completely uninstall the app from your device. 

Method 2: KNOX Remover Zip File

Now, moving towards the last method in terms of uninstalling the Knox app which also includes what is Samsung KLMS Agent. If the above-given steps or methods are helpful for you then you can use this method to fix this problem by getting to know about what is Knox and how it works. 

  • First of all, you have to take the backup of your android phone and in this case, you have to follow the guide properly. 
  • Then, you need to simply download the Knox remover zip file online. Also, XDA will develop this app along with the TWRP recovery which is so trustable. 
  • Now, you are required to delete the KNOX app. 
  • After this, you have to restart your device and then check for the KLMS agent. 
  • Now, you will see that the KLMS Agent will be removed from your Samsung Android device. 

So, finally, we have shared some of the best methods to uninstall KLMS Agent. Now, it’s time to understand some of the common details. 

Is Anyone Spying On You Through KLMS Agent?

If you are thinking that the KLMS Agent is one of the third-party sources of information then you are wrong. Basically, it is one of the sage apps which gets used as per the laws of protection which will ensure you about the safety of data. Also, KNOX will take place with more features of safety such as fingerprint security, data transfer, secure network, and much more. 

Samsung’s KLMS Agent

It is easy to find KLMSAgent on your Samsung device. If any of you download this app from the Google Play Store then this app will take up to 7.6 MB of data. It has more than 500k+ downloads and this KNOX app has 3+ ratings of Google Play Store. 

Also, if we talk about some of the extra features of this app then it is having KME console integration. Its latest version is 21.1 and last it gets updated on 22nd December 2020. 

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Final Verdict:

As you understand already, the KLMS Agent is one of the apps which was introduced by Samsung and it is related to the security protection of Samsung devices. Also, this app has lots of benefits for the users and especially for those users who are willing to secure their data from other people. Also, this app helps the other users to simply maintain the balance between their private and work data. 

So, finally, in the above-given article, we have discussed all the details and answers to all your questions related to the KLMSAgent. If the above-given details help you to know the process of how to use KNOX (KLMS Agent) and also helps you to know about how to remove KLMS Agent completely from your smartphone.

Also if you understand the process of how to disable KLMS Agent and features of KNOX then please don’t forget to share this article with other people. We only want to share this useful information with other people with the help of yours. 

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