www.registeryourninja.com - How to Register A Shark Product?

www.registeryourninja.com – How to Register A Ninja Shark Product Online 2023

www.Registeryourninja.com: If you ever buy a ninja product, you must register your ninja shark product online on their official website, www.registeryourninja.com. By registering your online product to claim any type of ninja warranty and guarantee, you can claim a warranty or the guarantee at the proper time in terms of getting benefits such as repaid, exchange or replacement, and much more.Β 

In terms of getting the most from your investment and also getting access to perks from the Nnja, you have to simply register your product on its official website which is registeryourninja.com. Registering helps you to get warranty coverage and easy access to customer support as well. Also, you will get exclusive promotions only if you are a registered member. This article helps you to get the proper information about RegisterYourNinja.com and helps you to know that why it is important to register with the step by step guide.

www.registeryourninja.com – Register A Ninja Shark Product Online


You need to know that shark ninja or registeryourninja usa is introduced by Mark Rosenzweig. Also, the shark ninja gets started in Canada, Montreal, Needham, and Massachusetts. To know more about it, you must read this article till the end in a careful manner.Β 

About SharkNinja

RegisterYourNinja.com is mainly owned and operated by SharkNinja Operating LLC which is the company behind the top kitchen appliances brands such as Ninja, Shark and many more. Because of the obsession towards customer satisfaction and innovation, SharkNinja mainly aims to give high-quality products that are suitable for all modern lifestyles.

Registration simply brings the users into the My SharkNinja community and allows closer communication with the company to get enhanced support. This program also reflects SharkNinja’s emphasis on understanding and also to serve the needs of its customers.

Register Your Ninja Online Registration ProcedureRegisteryourninja

You need to take some of your precious time to get yourself registered with the ninja shark products online to get the warranty or the guarantee so that you can get the benefits in a good manner registeryourninja com

Simply follow the below-given steps in terms to complete the product registration in a simple manner. 

  • First of all, you need to visit the official website of www.Registeryourninja.com.
  • Then, you will automatically be redirected to www.ninjakitchen.com
  • After this, you need to click on the link in terms to register your product online. 
  • You will get a form that you need to submit by entering the required details. 
  • You need to enter your first name
  • Then, enter your last name. 
  • After this, you have to enter the accurate email address. 
  • Then, in the next field, you are required to enter your postal code. 
  • Simply enter your product type in the text field. 
  • Then, you have to enter the model number of the product. 
  • After this, you need to enter the ninja serial number
  • Then, you have to enter the purchase date of the product, 
  • Simply select your country name from where you buy the product. 
  • Now, you have to enter the contact number, 
  • Now, in the final step, you have to make a click on the OK button in order to submit the registration application form for your SharkNinja Product online. 
  • So, finally your My Ninja account is ready and you can be able to claim your ninja warranty.

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Benefits of Registering Your Ninja Products at Registeryourninja

Here, we are going to tell you the benefits of registering your my ninja products online. You must need to know about it properly before registering your online product. 

  • You will get 1 to 7 years of warranty. Also, you can simply select any of the options for your product. 
  • Also, the Shark Ninja will provide a lifetime VIP warranty of www.Registeryourninja.com.Β 
  • It will also provide a 90-day refurbished product limited warranty.Β 
  • You also will get the 180-day refurbished product warranty.Β 
  • It will also provide the replacement and refurbish facilities to the customers.Β 
  • You can be able to register your product at www.Registeryourninja.com for the warranty in a very easy and simple manner.
  • Registering your product means you will easily access the claim of any of the warranties or guarantee if you find any defects in your product or receive any of the wrong items.
  • You will also be able to return or exchange any of the defective items easily.
  • You can simply be able to shop for the accessories of any of the products online.

Ninja Warranty Terms and Conditions

  • The warranty of the product from is of 1 to 7 years and you can be able to select one option for your product in them.
  • Shark Ninja provides a lifetime VIP warranty to their customers.
  • The refurbished product’s limited warranty is for 90 days.
  • The refurbished product’s limited warranty is also for 180 days.
  • The Shark Ninja also provide the service of replacement and also also offer the refurbish product easily.

How to Initiate a Warranty Claim at RegsiterYourNinja?

You are simply required to connect with them by using their contact number which is 1-866-826-6971 in process to start the warranty claim at www.Registeryourninja.com. You are also required to get the receipt of the proof of purchase. Also, they ask you to register your product online and also have the product on your hand while making the call so that you can be able to provide all the details and they can assist you properly and provide you the return and instructions of the packaging as well at www.Registeryourninja.com.

NinjaKitchen Customer Service

If you are facing any type of issue or problem related to the NinjaKitchen product at www.Registeryourninja.com then you can simply be able to connect with the customer support of the Ninja Kitchen or Ninja Shark in an easy manner. Simply use the details which we are sharing below. 

  • 9 AM to 9 PM EST from Monday to Friday
  • 9 AM to 6 PM EST on Saturday
  • Week-off : Sunday
  • Mail Option 1: 89 A Street Suite 100 Needham, MA 02494
  • Mail Option 2: 1975 Mall Blvd. Suite D-1 Auburn, AL 36830

How to Connect NinjaKitchen Customer Support Team

Below we are sharing some of the details about www.Registeryourninja.com by which you can be able to connect with the Ninja Customer Support Team in an easy manner.

For Product Care And Maintenance Self Help

When you connect with the www.Registeryourninja.com customer service will help you to upgrade the warranty and also helps you to claim for the product warranty and much more. 

If you really want to claim your product warranty then you must make a call to the customer service. By doing this, they will assist you related to the process of how to return your ninja product to claim. Also, will get a proper proof or any of the receipt of the purchased product which you are willing to claim properly. 

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Mailing List Signing Up

You need to know that the option of signing up is available at the end of the www.Registeryourninja.com application or on the registration of the mailing list. You can simply be able to sign up when you enter a valid email address. Also, the registered member can be able to get lots of offers on their Ninja Products. 

How to Initiate a Warranty Claim at RegisterYourNinja?

You are required to make a call at 1-866-826-6941 to initiate a warranty claim. You are required to have a receipt as a proof of purchase and they will simply ask you to register your product online at www.Registeryourninja.com and have the product on hand when you make a call so that they will assist you in a better manner. Also, a customer service assistance will provide you with the return and packing instructions.

How to Get Service Register Shark Ninja Product at www.registeryourninja.com?

If your appliances gets failed to operate while in use under the normal household condition within the warranty time period then you need to make a visit at www.ninjakitchen.com/support for the product care and for the maintenance help.

Also, the ninja customer service email specialist will be available at 1-866-826-6941 to simply assist you with the product support and warranty service options which also include the possibility of upgrading to the VIP warranty service options for the selected product category.

So, they assist you better and register your product online and have a product on hand when make a call to them.

SharkNinja will also cover the cost of the customer to send the unit to the www.Registeryourninja.com store for the repair or replacement. Also, a fee will gets charged when the SharkNinja ships the repaired or replacement unit. The return fee may vary by he product.

Other Benefits of Registering Your Ninja Products

When you register your ninja product then you will get several type of benefits like you can be able to access the warranty option and you will get the special accessory offers and the special sales and the new products. If you will complete the ninja registration and sign up for the new My SharkNinja account then you will get the fast support for the ninja products.

You can also excerpt the quick www.Registeryourninja.com customer support and it is so easy for you to simply navigate into your account. You can also access the options of troubleshooting and product care instructions. You can also be able to buy the ninja accessories and replacement parts in a very quick period of time. You will also be able to become the first customer to get to know about the special promotions of the SharkNinja.

How to Find My Model Number On NinjaKitchen Products?

You need to know that there are mainly three types of methods which will simply helps you to find the model number of your ninjakitchen product easily which are as follows:

  • You can simply check the box and at the bottom of your box and also you will see the model number which is available near the bar code appears on the box.
  • Also, you can check the base of your product where the motor is available and it is also having the rating label which will simply show you the model number of the product.
  • You can also be able to check the manual owner’s book and on at book, you can find out the model number of the products which is available on the front side of the instructions booklet.

FAQs About Registeryourninja

  1. Do I Need to Register My Ninja Food?

Your product will automatically gets registered for 12 months at www.Registeryourninja.com and you can be able to register your guarantee account within the 28 days of purchase. In terms to save time, you are required to have the particular details about your machine like date or buying the machine.

2. Where is Ninja Foodi Serial Number?

You can be able to find out the model and serial number on the QR code label which appears on the base of the unit.

3. Do I Need to Register My Ninja Blender?

If you have buy your ninja product directly from the website at www.Registeryourninja.com then it is already covered. Your product will automatically gets registered for the extended guarantee period.

4. How Long Does Ninja Warranty Last?

Every ninja machine will comes up with the free part and labor guarantee. You can find out the online support by making a visit to the customer support section on the website. Also, all the ninja kitchen product are having the 12 months warranty.

5. Does Ninja Blenders Have Lifetime Warranty?

The lifetime VIP limited warranty applied to the eligible purchases which will made directly form the sharkninja operating LLC. The warranty coverage also applied to the original owner and to the original product and it is not transferrable.

6. What is the Warranty of Ninja Products?

All the ninja coffee makers and also the other products will gets covered for at least one year under warranty at www.Registeryourninja.com.

Final Verdict:

So, we hope that you understand all the details related to the process of www.regiseryourninja.com where you will be able to register the product and also be able to claim the product guarantee in terms to secure the life of the product. If you are having any issue or query, you can simply let us know by dropping a comment below and we assure you to assist you in a better way. 


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