What is Samsung Accessory Service? [How to Fix it]

What is Samsung Accessory Service? (Transferring File Please Wait)

Samsung Accessory Service: After attempting and completing a software update in your Samsung device, the Samsung accessory service app started to create several problems for the users and I think that because of this, you are reading this article. With the help of this article, you will get to know the details about the issues created by this and also you will get to know about all the possible methods to fix this problem. So, start reading this article carefully. 

What is Samsung Accessory Service?

Samsung Accessory Service

As you know, Samsung accessory service is one of the apps available on android devices and provided by Samsung. Also, this app gives lots of features to the users which they can simply use in terms of connecting several accessories such as Galaxy watch with your Samsung mobile. 

Features of SAS [Samsung Accessory Service]

If we talk about the features or usefulness of Samsung accessory service transferring files then with the help of this, users can be able to transfer files, and also they will be able to send and receive the data in an easy manner. 

Required Permission

Basically, this app service needs storage permission from the users in terms of transferring the media files to the other accessory device. 

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Why Does the App Say Samsung Accessory Service Transferring File Please Wait?

You need to know that the notification of “Transferring file, please wait” is one of the issues which takes place after updating the device and also it mainly takes place in the devices like Samsung S7, S9, S8, and also in some of the other Samsung Galaxy devices. You need to know that if you get this Samsung accessory service download issue occasionally then don’t worry about it as it is not an issue in your device if you get it occasionally. 

As we said that the app will send or receive the data and also there are some people who reported that they will get this error when they end any of the calls. If your Samsung phone and watch are connected then this app starts registering the history of the call. 


You are required to re-install the Galaxy Wearable app as by doing this, it will automatically reinstall the plugin and then the accessory service app as well. Also, it will install all the files in a proper manner, and by doing this, you may stop getting this notification of transferring files. 

If this method is not helpful for you then you can also try to force stop the app and try to clear the cache as well. To do this, simply follow the steps. 

  • You need to open the settings of your device. 
  • Then, open the apps section and in it, you have to make a click on the Samsung Accessory Service option. 
  • Now, you have to click on the option Force Stop. 

Also, you can simply try to unpair the watch and then repair it with your device and then, simply restart your device. 

Samsung Accessory Service Draining Battery

After updating the device, lots of users report that their samsung accessory service draining battery in a rapid manner and mostly this issue is reported by the OnePlus users. So, if you want to fix this battery draining issue, you are required to simply deactivate the battery optimization on all the Galaxy Weap app and plugins. Also, the battery optimization will find and reboot all those apps which are draining the battery of your device. If this app advises you not to deactivate the battery optimization then you have to ignore it because if you keep it activated then it will drain more battery of your device. 

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Unfortunately, Samsung Accessory Service Is No Longer Available Pop-Up

If you also want to fix the pop-up problem then you need to simply uninstall the Galaxy Wearable app and then you have to re-install the app again or also, you can simply try to update the app if there is an update available. If you don’t use the Galaxy wearable app then you can simply try to uninstall it in order to fix this remove samsung accessory service problem. 

If you re-install or update it already but are still facing the issue of samsung accessory service constantly then you can also try to turn off the notification for all the Samsung accessory Service by using the notification or also by the settings of the app as well. 

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Is Samsung Accessory Service Necessary?

If you use the accessories of Samsung such as the Samsung watch then you must need to have this app on your device. This app has lots of features and if you uninstall it then it will start creating sync issues along with the fitness apps. Also, if you don’t use any of the Samsung watches then you can simply be able to uninstall it from your device easily. Lots of users asked that do you need samsung accessory service then you need to know that it is necessary only if you are using a Samsung watch.


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