Screen Rotation Galaxy S7 – Auto Rotate Screen in Android

Screen Rotation Galaxy S7 – Auto Rotate Screen in Android Easily

Screen rotation galaxy s7 is the awesome feature in the smartphones as it allows you to view the videos and other apps in the landscape mode. I guess many of you are already using this feature of the android phone. But is pretty hard to find the settings of these modes and sometimes the screen won’t rotate while you turn phone sideways and here we are there to help you with the operations on this feature of screen rotation Galaxy S7

This guide is based on how you can set the screen settings to auto rotate mode in android phones and what should be done in order to make it work in your android phone.

Screen Rotation Galaxy S7

screen rotation Galaxy S7

By default, the screen rotation is fixed in the portrait mode and maximum of the phones comes by default in the portrait mode when you are in home screen or the application screen.

Some of the users want a solution for this problem and forced portrait mode for home screen or app screen is not a limitation of Android. All the tablets and phones support both the mode if the android is installed in the device. Some of the tablets give the feature to auto-rotate the screen and samsung screen rotation not working in some of the devices.

As phones are always held in the portrait mode, so most of the vendors make the portrait window default. It is also difficult to design the phones in the landscape mode and it is difficult to operate it. 

There are some of the apps which require the landscape mode and screen rotation. They force the screen to operate in landscape mode above the settings of the smartphone.

If you use the Jelly Bean or higher version of the android, you can use the Google Now launcher to rotate the home screen and get into the portrait mode and landscape mode without any problem. This feature is the latest feature and also works for app screen Google Now Launcher.

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Requirements to Auto Rotate the Home Screen in Android phones

Google Now launcher is the only setting or the app which is required to rotate the home screen or app screen in auto rotate mode.

If you don’t have the Google Now launcher, you have to install it on your smartphone from the Play Store and then the default home screen will be Google Now.

There is no requirement of any other software and it works on Marshmallow as well. Just install and switch to Google Now Launcher. Yes, you also need to enable the auto rotate screen windows 10 feature from the quick settings panel. Also, if you don’t have any idea about how to rotate screen windows 10 then keep reading this article.

Quick Settings of the android phone can be accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen and you will find the auto rotate button.

Easily Setup Google Now launcher to make the Screen in Auto Rotate Mode

As we have discussed that the auto rotate feature is disabled by default and you need to go to Google Settings to enable it.

For the phones with the Android Marshmallow and later the Google settings could be accessed from the Settings to Google.

Some of the Android Marshmallow phones does not support Google. Or some of the Android OEMs put the Google settings in the other folder. For Samsung Galaxy phones with Marshmallow android you can find the Google settings under Settings>>Applications.

For the phones with the Android Lollipop, KitKat, Jellybean there is an app which is called as Google Settings and is already installed in the smartphones.

For accessing these settings just go to settings page and tap on Search & Now.

In this Search & Now menu you will find the option of Allow Rotation under the Home Screen. You can tap in the switch to turn on the auto rotate home screen.

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More Information on Screen Rotation Galaxy S7

In the android, there are three different aspects which you can take into consideration to get to know about how to rotate screen.

  • Two icons appear as the Google Search.
  • Favorite tray icons are in the right side and do rotate automatically.
  • The three navigation buttons are on the right side.

Other Methods to Fix Screen Rotation Galaxy S7

Here, we are going to share some of the more methods which helps you to get rid of screen rotation in galaxy s7 issue. Check out all of them to get rid out of this issue.

  • Portrait Mode

The screen orientation feature will be enable to allow the screen rotation in Samsung Galaxy s7. You have to pull it down from the top of the display to settings menu. An icon will appear int he settings if the mode is active and make a click on it to simply turn it off and simply allow the screen rotation into the landscape mode. When the landscape mode is activated then the icon is labeled as the auto rotate.

  • Safe Mode

You need to try to reboot your phone in the safe mode to ensure that their is any third party app is creating the issue or not. if the problem doesn’t persist in the safe mode then it is good so sig that an app you have install is creating the issue. Finding that app is little tough but you need to try to delete the app one by one to check out that which app is creating the issue. This method will helps you to fix screen rotation issue in Samsung galaxy S7.

  • Factory Reset

You need to go to the settings of your phone and then get back up and reset it. Now, you have to uncheck the automatic restore and factory reset your phone. Before doing the factory reset, you need to ensure to take a backup of your device to prevent any data loss. It will simply solve the issue of internet browser opening ads every time when the screen is unlocked.

  • Restart Phone

Another method which you can try to enable the screen rotation is to simply restart your phone. You need to turn off your device and then simply turn it on again. When it gets on then ensure to not to use it for 20 seconds.


  • How Do I Fix The Screen Rotation On My Galaxy S7?
  • First of all, you need to swipe down the status bar.
  • Now, you have to swipe down from the top of the display to simply expand the quick settings menu.
  • Now, make a click on the auto rotate option to simply turn it on or off.
  • Why is My Samsung Screen Not Rotating?

By using the two fingers, you need to swipe down from the top of the screen to simply open the quick settings panel and then you need to find the screen orientation icon. This icon say auto rotate, portrait or landscape.

  • Why Has Auto Rotate Stopped Working?

If you have enable the automatic screen rotation option from the quick settings menu of your device then you need to try to turn on the option from the settings app and see that it fix the issue or not.

  • How Do You Fix Auto Rotate On Samsung Galaxy?
  • You have to swipe down from the top of the screen to simply open the settings panel.
  • Now, look up for the screen orientation icon.
  • If the screen is locked in the portrait or in the landscape mode and you want to change i tthen click on the icon so that it will activate the auto rotation.
  • How Do I Manually Rotate My Screen?
  • You need to swipe down on your screen to simply view the quick panel and then click on the word portrait option.
  • Now, toggle on or off rotate button on the navigation bar.
  • When you enable the rotate button on the navigation bar if you tilt your phone horizontally then you can be able to select.
  • Why Won’t My Screen Rotate On My Android?

if the screen rotation is already on then you need to try to turn it off and then on again. To check out this settings, you can simply swipe down from the top of the display. Also, if it is not there then you need to try to go to the settings > display > screen rotation.

  • What Happened to Auto Rotate Android?

You will be able to find out this settings in the quick settings menu. If you see the auto rotate highlighted in blue color then it means that the auto rotate is enabled. Also, if you doesn’t see the auto rotate but there is a portrait icon available then it means that the auto rotate is disabled. Click on the portrait to simply enable to auto rotate option.

  • How Do I Get My Samsung Phone Screen to Rotate?

You have to swipe down on the screen to open the quick panel. Now, if a gray portrait or landscape mode icon is appear then click on the gray icon to simply activate auto rotate.

  • How Do I Manually Rotate My Android Screen?

You have to scroll down and click on the accessibility. Simply scroll down to the interaction controls and click on auto rotate screen to simply turn it off. When the auto rotate screen is off then you can still be able to rotate the screen manually. Click on the rotate icon which appear at the bottom right side.

  • How Do In Turn On Auto Rotate On My Android?
  • You have to simply swipe down drom the top of the screen to simply reveal the notifcation panel.
  • click on the auto roatte option.
  • To retrun to the auto rotation settings, lcick on the lock icon to simply lock the screen orientation.
  • How Do I Enable Auto Rotate?
  • You need to open the device settings app.
  • Now, select the accessibility option.
  • Then, you have to select the auto rotate screen option.
  • How Do I Turn Auto Rotate On?
  • You need to go to the settings > accessibility.
  • Now, you need to select the auto rotate screen option.


So we have learned the features of Screen Rotation in Galaxy S7 and perform various operations regarding it. Still, if you are facing any difficulties in the operations and procedures related to screen rotation galaxy s8 or auto rotate android not working you can readily contact us through the comments section below. Our team of experts will reach out to your comment as quickly as possible and give you the possible fix for your problem. Your comments are valuable to us.


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