Windows Update Error 80070103 | How to Fix 2023 [Must Check]

Windows Update Error 80070103 | How to Fix

Greetings, Windows users, we are back with our new article to fix windows update error 80070103.  If you find yourself not able to fix or update this error windows update error 80070103, you have knocked at the right door.

Here we will do our best to make you understand, how to fix the windows 7 update error code 80070103, with our tutorial, so please stay awaken with this article because the journey is going to be lengthy, at the end of the article you are going to get what you wished for. 

Try each and every method we are going to mention, and get the update error 8070103 resolved. 

Have you ever been through such scenario when you are going to windows update but you can’t find yourself to make the update properly in the windows system? And again and again getting the same error message like: Windows update ran into a problem. And due to this you are unable to update your window systems. 

Now let me tell you the reason behind it. The incomplete windows update drivers or update outdated drivers are sole responsible for this kind of error 80070103

So we are now up to check all the various methods for the error code 80070103 to get fixed. Here we are providing four methods to get it sorted out. These methods are tried out and experienced with good result multiple times.

How to Fix Windows Update Error 80070103

Windows Update Error 80070103

Various methods, we are going to make bee line. Where we are going to share our best experienced, successful and most efficient methods which will definably be more than helpful to mitigate your pain of How to Fix Windows Update Error 80070103, this error you usually encountered at the time of updating Window. 

Methods to Fix Windows Update Error 80070103

If you are unable to update your window you are going to check out the tutorial we are going to provide below for the windows update error code 80070103 detection as well as solution. So let’s begin with more information below.

Method 1: Update the Device Driver manually

We are providing the steps for it below.

  • At the very first approach you have to go to the Window Settings, here you will find the many options. But you have to go to the update and security, just by pressing the Windows Key+ I, now you have to tap on the Update and security. 
  • Here you will find the window update option, click on it, you will go inside it where you will find the view installed update history.
  • As you clicked on it you will be on the page where you have to check out for all the exist files and write down now which update has been failed while installation.
  • If still you are unable to find anything you need to press both together windows key + R, now type the appwiz.cpl and enter. 
  • Now go get the option choose view installed updates and check the updates that gone failed.
  • In the window search bar find the option Run, now here you have to enter devmgmt.msc and press the enter button.
  • Now get the Network Adapter options and make a right click on and check the driver which failed, and update it.
  • Go to the option Search automatically for updated driver software. Now here you have to install the all new automatic Drivers.
  • Once this has happened you have to restart your PC that make your changes save and allow the check that the code 80070103 windows update encountered an unknown error is got fix or not.

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Method 2: Get the Problematic Device Drivers Uninstalled

  • Firstly you have to open the RUN box and then type the devmgmt.msc, and press the enter button. 
  • Get your network adapter option expanded and make a right click on the driver and make it uninstall.
  • In the very next page, you need to select the Delete the driver Software on the device and proceed the next action OK
  • Once you have done this you need to restart the system in which these process has been executed. And the default drivers are going to be installed automatically. 

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Method 3: Software Distribution Folder Renamed

  • Click on the command Prompt (Admin) this will meet you when you will make a right click at the menu on the start option.
  • Now you have to type these command to Stop Window Update services. Make sure after each and every command you have to press the enter button. These commands are below.

{net stop cryptSvc

net stop msiserver

net stop wuauserv

net stop bits}

  • At the new page, you have to give the command necessary to let the Software Distribution Folder Renamed.  

ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution


ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 catroot2.old

  • Now you need to type the command which will be necessary for the initiating the windows update services and after that hit the button of enter.

net start wuauserv

net start cryptSvc

net start bits

net start msiserver

  • Now go for the restarting you PC to make changes saved automatically. Now check that your errors got whether solved or not.

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Method 4: Reinstallation of the drivers from manufacturer’s website

Once you have tried all the above mentioned methods but still unable to get rid of the problem windows update error 80070103. This method 4 is last resort then, which allows you to do the reinstallation of the drivers from manufacturer’s website

For it first you have to uninstall the old one device drivers and after that you have to install it again. This is the method which will let you to fix the error. Make sure you have already tried the above mentioned methods. 

Since most of the errors of such type are because of the drivers, you have to face the error of windows update. So get the latest updated drivers downloaded by visiting in the officially website. 

Once you have found it, install it and run the drivers. 

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Final Word

Methods to fix windows update error 80070103, are successfully delivered in a sensible manner with our best efforts. We you have another experienced method, you are welcome with our open arms to share it with us.

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