Best Voice Changing Software for Windows 10 [2023]

Best Voice Changing Software for Windows 10


Best Voice Changing Software for Windows 10: Are you guys thinking about changing your voice? Are you guys looking for any of the voice changing software for windows 10? If yes then you are in the correct place because here in this article we are going to tell you some of the best voice changing software. There are plenty of reasons which make you think to change your voice like to play any prank with your colleagues or with your friends or with any stranger by which you are able to hide your identity in some of the sensitive situations. By having the latest technology, it’s now possible to change your voice by simply using some voice-changing software.Β 

Best Voice Changing Software for Windows 10

Voice Changing Software for Windows 10

Here in this article, we will focus on how to change voice by using the voice changing software for windows 10. This type of software also tends very hard and the users are not able to handle it correctly and because of it, those people who are looking for using this kind of software must need to have a good focus and also they must need to know their boundaries of each and every action which they are going to take. Before we talk about the best voice changer for pc, simply understand what it is?

What is Voice Changer Software?

The free voice changer software for windows 10 is that software that lets us change our voices while we are playing any online game or while we are talking over favorite apps or calling. Also, you are able to change your voice from men to women, women to men. Also, you can change your voice into any of the cartoon characters, aliens, robot voices, and much more. 

Also, there are two types of voice-changing software that allow you to change your voice. Where the first one is real-time modulation software and the other one is a non-real-time voice changer app for PC. 

The real-time voice change is software that allows the users to change their voice from their original voice like entertaining and funny voices like women in the men event, men in women event, and much more. Also, you are able to change the microphone and the pitch of the voice. Also, this software allows you to record voice by having the supportable formats of audio and then able to change the pitch of your voice by simply using the tone colour, voice frequency, period, voice pitch, and much more. 

Best Voice Changing Software:

Here we are going to share detailed information related to the best voice changer software for windows 10. So read it carefully and pick up the best voice changing software according to your choice.

1. Avsoft Voice Changer – Voice Changer Software Diamond

Avsoft voice changer is an elementary program that we can use to change our voice. It shows all the common features which will be required while working on the main menu of the software. If we are doing a talk on call, we will not face any problems in changing the setting of voice.

We can use the effects of audiobooks and also the audio messages along with the change of voice. If we require any kind of additional effects, then we are able to download those effects from the add-on store of Avsoft. It is one of the best voice changer software for windows 10. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube which have a complete installation guide. This software is also helpful for audio projects, especially when we talk about the recording. It allows us to record the voice directly by simply adding an effect to it. 

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2. MorphVox

MorphVox is having some of the principles related to its fundamentals especially when a person is having three-voice tones like a woman’s, a kid’s, and also a man’s. It all depends upon some of the simple principles. This program of free voice changer software for windows 10 provides one the best experience to their users by giving a leading choice of voice changing to anyone who is looking to either mislead or also trick someone who believes that they are having a different age or they belong to a different gender. 

You can use the Morph Vox while making a live chat with someone which creates an excellent selection for those who are required to have a different voice for a proper phone call or also when they are talking online with people. It is one of the voice changing software for windows 10 which helps to change the voice.

Since it does not differ from some of the other software and that’s why it became more useful and entertaining for the purpose of comedy than the sensitive or severe calls but the software will do its work properly and change the voice of the users according to the changes which they made the software. 

3. Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer is very useful for those users who want to change their voice in real-time. It is one of the best software because it provides free service and also it is having some of the most amazing features. One of the major features of Voxal Voice Changer for Windows 10 is that it is having a user-friendly interface. 

If we talk about other software, having a user-friendly interface is quite difficult but if we have then it helps us to save a lengthy training period and also its steep learning curve. The time saved because it makes an easy UI which we can use to edit voice and also to make an improvement in a voice which makes us an expert in sound. This app is really amazing in terms of changing the voice on the call. 

  • Diversity

How will be your experience if you are able to make some amusement with your voice? Your tone of voice is the way you have your cool impact on your colleague and that is what exactly Voxel Live Voice Changer does for you.

You are able to change your voice in the female/male flow. Even you can become alien by your software (oops not exactly) just by changing the mode to a robotic one. Likewise, you can have a better impact on the front person who is listening to you, and believe me it just with a mouse click ease.

  • Real-time

The next best feature with this software is your voice-changing feature during the live session i.e. when you are on the live call and play with the voice tone you can with a simple touch. 

It nails the feature of voice change even with your recorded voice message. Be it WhatsApp record, live chat, audio clip, or any; you are the master of your attitude of voice produce or receive. How come if you can make your voice like Doraemon..? 

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4. Virtual Personality

Every person is having a favourite celebrity and he/she had a dream to become a star like their favourite celebrity. So by using this free best voice changer software, you will get their voices and create their sounds and use them. The Virtual personality allows its users to capture the voice of their favourite character from its official database which provides a huge list of famous people who are well known in public. Also, there is a chance that the character which you select also highlights on the list. 

It is one of the funnier tricks which you can make with your friends that they are talking with someone whom they love, by just simply getting to know the reaction of them in the end. It is really bad if you do this over and over but one time trying them is really worth laughing at. 

You need to be noticed that the Virtual personality also allows the user to change one’s voice from female to male regardless of the gender of the user or the original voice of the users. So what I want to try this software now and you don’t have any limits for yourself to the personalities of the similar sex which creates an exciting roleplay in it. 

  • Versatile Closet of Tricks

Another feature of the Virtual Personality allows for the multiple types of latest and live sessions or also the recording to alter. Many people use this best voice changer software for windows 10 within phone calls or also as an instant voice and messaging chat service such as Skype. By this, you always get a chance to select a trick and amaze the people with whom you are talking. 

To drop a personal message for someone, you are able to edit the pre-recorded audio files by which you are able to give any kind of audio clips such as the style of personality. If you want to scare, surprise or trick people, you can do it and have fun by using this software. I t may happen that you get some of the special treatments if people believe that you are that person with whom they admire. 

5. Fake Voice

Fake Voice is one of the best voice changer software for windows 10 in terms of voice changing because it is having a very simple interface. If we talk about simplicity, then the fake voice inevitably comes on the top. The fake voice app starts right into the features of Fake Voice and it seems really useful for a circumstance when the timings and the speed became the key in this situation. This makes the voice changing system very simple and also it provides many options. It doesn’t matter about that. 

  • Nice and Simple Mechanic

The mechanics which come behind the fake voice are really easy. You are just having a collection of sliders which you play from time to time till that time when you get the results according to your choice. There are lots of options that help you to select and depend upon how much you play with the sliders with whom you came up with some of the attractive and impressive results. The fake voice also works in real-time, so that you are able to get and hear the changes which take place as an effect as they mess around with the sliders. 

  • A Varied Selection

As I started using this, I found that there are plenty of options available in the Fake Voice Software. All the users are able to change their voice free of cost to anything ranging from any little kid to any man or any woman to any old person, every cartoonish voice, and also some of the others. 

To get every voice effect together, the trick is to use multiple sliders. If you want to come up with a new voice, then you will definitely have fun by using this software and also you can surprise your friends and family too. 

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6. Voice Master

It is really good when we get all the effects of voice changer in one software, and the variations and options of this software help the user to manage your fake voice to a particular level. If you want any of the simple software which helps you to change your voice which comes up with several features, then you are very close to your destination because VoiceMaster is something which you are looking for. 

The voice changer software for windows 10 is very simple and it is having a good pitch changer that allows the users to do all the common customization to your voice. If you wish to change your voice then Voice Master will definitely be helpful for you. You don’t need to worry about the additional options because you will be able to easily customize your voice pitch without having any other option for your mic voice changer. 

  • Combine It With a Messaging Service

The voice masterworks in the terms of the messaging service. Like, whenever you open Skype, you are liable to enable the voice master by which you can lock on, and also you will get options for changing your voice pitch. 

By using the voice master, you see that this software is straightforward because it only takes a single slider by which it can change the voice of the pitch, and also it adds some of the new character and depth in your voice. You also get to know what you already have, and also it helps you to let you know how your voice can sound after the editing. 

7. All-in-One Voice Changer

This voice changer is really great software and it is very common for the rest of the voice changer software which we listed above. It is one of the great tools which helps to make voice chat and also live calls and this is completely free, we don’t need any kind of membership or subscription to use this software. Also, the user is able to connect with this software by having lots of messaging services such as Skype or Yahoo Messenger.

So if you do not want to use the feature of voice changing which is offered by Skype then you can use All-in-One Voice Changer in terms of Voice Changing software free download and it helps you to change your voice in any of the character which is available in the system or in the installed software of this app. 

  • In-Call Features

The male or the female user is able to alter their voice from one gender to another gender and the best part is that they can do it in a running call. The options allow the user to change their voice on a running call and the users will shift their voice as a man, kid, woman, or any other like a cartoon character or much more. This function easily misleads the person who is on another side of the call.

  • Video Features and Dubs

This software is able to use the modifying video files along with the audio files. So if you never see any video which is funny and also the misleading dub character in it, then you can use this video feature and dubs tool. It helps you to change your file and also you can change an audio recording as well. 

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8. Viscom Voice Changer

Voice Changer for Windows 10 apps completely depend upon the searches made by you and also your requirement which you want to achieve. It is having pros and also cons as well. Like, it may not be a free lousy voice changer for everyone but it shows that it only deals in the pre-recorded files.

It is one of the big issues in this voice changing software for pc but the voice changer makes sure to its users that they will get a wide range of services and also some of the tools and options by which the users are able to change and edit their voice clips. This app helps you to change your voice in any of the characters which are available in the app. 

  • Only Three Audio Formats

Even though it is an expert in the recording of only audio, it doesn’t make sure that the file of a specific user id is compatible with it or not. It supports only three formats of audio which are MP3, WMA, and WAV. It’s really true that all of the above formats are the most popular audio formats especially in the current scenario, but it will become the best if it supports a huge variety of the formats which were accepted. 

  • A Multitude of Effects

If we talk about the functions of the best Voice Changer for Windows 10, then we can say that it could apply lots of changes to your content. The most straightforward and most demanding and it is the ability to change the pitch of your audio and also it shows the most reliable firm in the Voice Changer and also some of the other effects such as different types of voice and also some of the speed modifiers. 


So above in this article, we had discussed all the details related to the best voice changing software for Windows 10. So if you are using Windows 10 and want to access any of the voice changer software which helps you to change the voice of any content then this article is helpful for you to gather all the relevant information regarding the software. If this article helps you then let us know by making a comment in the comment section which is given below and let us know how useful this article is for you.

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