Top 5 Music Premium Apps Like Spotify Premium 2023

Top 5 Music Premium Apps Like Spotify Premium

Apps Like Spotify Premium: Music Streaming has grown up enormously since its beginning and it is now became famous day by day and it is the awesome way to enjoy the music and listen your favorite songs. Many of the Streaming services allows you to listen the songs free of cost. Users can easily access their favorite songs along with the lots of music tracks.

If you want to listen your favorite tracks or music, then here we are giving you the Top 5 Music Premium Apps like Spotify Premium which allows you to listen your favorite tracks and we provide you the best music apps which gives you the best music streaming services for your android devices.

Top 5 Music Premium Apps Like Spotify Premium 

Spotify Premium

As we all know that Spotify is one of the premium app where we all can be able to listen our favorite songs and also various types of podcast as well. But, as spotify usa is not accessible in many countries and also it is one of the paid service, and in case lots of people start looking for the alternatives of Spotify. So, if you are the one who is looking for the apps like spotify premium then, simply check out this article to know the complete details about other music apps.

1. Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music blasted in the scenario of late 2015 to mixed reviews and one of the top Apps Like Spotify Premium. Very fast it becomes the most famous streaming apps in the streaming world. In its playlist it contains around thirty millions songs, a live radio which works 24*7 and it also provide a feature where you can upload any of the song and listen it at any time in your device.

 There is also a common element where you can follow the artists and look what’s new they are showing. It has the plans of monthly rental which also include particular plans, like a student plan, a family plan which helps the family members to get into it and it allows 6 members to use this plan.

For students Apple is giving a 50% discount means $4.99and for family it has $14.99 per month. These price are really competitive as the spotify users.

Features of Apple Music:

  • In the catalog of Apple music, it stream more than 45 million songs
  • It helps to save the internet data and you can listen your tracks anywhere. You can download your favorite tracks in your IPhone
  • You can make your personal playlist
  • You can create your profile and follow your friends to find out which music they are listening and what playlist they are sharing

2. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google Play Music gives free ad-supported Radio for what you are doing, how you are feeling and what you want to hear. Instantly start Radio Station depends upon the songs, artists and their albums or you can browse according to the genre, your mood, your activity, decade and much more. 

Get a best music collection like Apps Like Spotify Premium which was made by you by uploading your 50,000 songs and you can listen to them in any of the smart phone like in android, IOS and on the web also and it is completely free. You can subscribe it to get access of on-demand to millions of songs and you can download whatever you want which is available on Google play music.

Features of Google Play Music:

  • Radio curated by experts for anything you want to hear
  • Storage of 50,000 songs in your by your personal music collection
  • Discover and subscribe to podcasts
  • New recommendations according to your taste
  • Availability of listen on Android, IOS, and on the web also

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3. Deezer


You can discover the music, albums and playlist you love with Deezer. You can stream and download your favorite tracks and listen them in offline mode. Listen to playlist packed along with the high rated songs and sounds which was made by the hottest artists. You can download any song or album and sing along with the music as the lyrics of the song displayed on your screen. 

You can demand for the music, online or offline, any time you want to listen and enjoy music whenever you waking up, partying outside and to enjoy life. Just tap on the play button and make flow to understand the taste of your music like Apps Like Spotify Premium.

Features of Google Play Music:

  • You can discover and flow your favorite music
  • You can easily search and share any of the song
  • You can easily find lots of music and playlist
  • You can listen to your mixes which was inspired by your favorite tracks and your artists album
  • You can create a non-lasting playlist
  • You can listen the live radio
  • Easy download of any of the songs 

4. Spotify


Spotify is one of the remarkable music app in the world. It gives a very solid experience with millions of tracks, playlist, podcasts, curated radio stations and videos also. The combination of YouTube Red and Google Play Music is the best section for the content of audio and video. Spotify is available on lots of platforms and many places over the world.

The free version of Spotify is giving the tough competition to the competitors. The other apps are giving their best as compare to Apps Like Spotify Premium in some areas but on the other side Spotify is best. Overall Spotify can do everything and that’s the reason of the popularity of Spotify.

Features of Spotify

  • You can play any song whichever you want, anytime on any device which is compatible with the internet or your computer also
  • You can download the music to listen them offline
  • Quality of the songs was too good
  • It doesn’t contains ads
  • There is no commitment you can cancel it any time whenever you want




Tidal is the first service which provide high fidelity sound quality around the world. It provides the high definition music videos and Curated editorials by the artists and experts and by the music journalists which helps to make it easy and high class experience. It helps the artists to connect with their fans and you can consider this app as one of the biggest spotify competitors.

Features of TIDAL 

  • It is available for the Android TV
  • It provide the High Fidelity Sound Quality
  • It gives the high definition Music Videos
  • It provides the good Curated Editorials
  • It gives the stories behind every tracks
  • It also works on offline mode
  • It provide the add to favorite option


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