How to Restart Pokemon Sun? [Detailed Guide 2023]

How to Restart Pokemon Sun?

Hey Guys. As you all are here to get to know the process of how to restart pokemon sun. So you are at the correct place because here we are sharing all the details related to β€œHow to Restart Pokemon Sun” by which you are able to get to know the complete process. So stay on this article and read it carefully by which you are able to collect all the relevant details and also able to use the Pokemon Sun easily. 

How to Restart Pokemon Sun?

How to Restart Pokemon Sun

The Pokemon Sun is one of the best game and it is basically loved by all the Pokemon fans and the generation 7 of the Pokemon core series game arrived. You can easily able to explore the complete game of the alola region by using the pokemon sun by having lot of new pokemons and also by getting the new abilities. Also in this game, you will get the beautiful flowers. The how to restart pokemon sun on ds is available on the gaming console of Nintendo 3Ds. 

Both of these how to restart pokemon sun 3ds and the Pokemon Moon is little bit different by using the old pokemon games. But the major point of this game is that the overall gameplay of this game is completely new and unique. 

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How to Restart Pokemon Sun – Step by Step Process: 

  • Firstly you need to open the Pokemon Sun/Moon
  • Then look for the menu screen, and tap the β€œUp” + β€œB” + β€œX” simultaneously
  • Then the deleted saved data will be prompted, then select β€œYes”

Some of the features of the Pokemon Sun:

QR Code Scanner:

  • The feature of the QR Code scanning allow the players to scan the QR code of hundreds of Pokemon so that they can record in the Pokedex. Also the scanning of the how to restart pokemon sun on nintendo 3ds is limited which is 10 scanning per day, means you can’t do above ten scanning in a day. 

Alola Forms:

  • In this features it provides the some of the how to restart pokemon sun game species which is having a particular form which is uniquely adapted only by the Alola region and also some of the changes may also apply like the abilities. 


  • It is one of the coolest feature which allows a trainer to join with the pokemon ultra sun and moon by which they unleash the complete power of their potential in the battle of the how to restart pokemon sun on nintendo 3ds xl
  • All the pokemon are able to do the Z-Moves and also it allows the two items to activate which is: Z-Ring and other is Z-Crystal”. A trainer can use the Z-moves only once in a single battle. To sue the Z-move again, he need to wait for the next battle. 

New Pokemon: 

  • There is only 81 new restart pokemon ultra sun in total which were added in the Pokemon Sun and also in the Pokemon ultra moon

Poke Rides:

  • It allows to access some of the areas which can be tough to the trainers and also it comes in the Poke Rides very handily and it was useful for the users. By using the Pokemon, the trainer can easily visit at any of the area which is nearly impossible to access. 

Other Information: 

  • The Pokemon Sun restart and Moon is one of the first Pokemon games which were released where it supports the Chinese language
  • The logos of Chinese, Japanese and also the Korean contains the Z-Crystal
  • The Alola region is completely based on the Hawaii with the four major islands known as Melemele, Poni, Akala and also the Ula’ula

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So above we had discussed all the possible details about How to Restart Pokemon Sun. if this article helps you to get to know the complete process then let us know by dropping a comment in the comment section below.


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