iMessage Dots GIF Prank: iMessage Prank Typing Bubble GIF

iMessage Dots GIF Prank: iMessage Prank Typing Bubble GIF

iMessage Dots GIF Prank: You know very well that GIF animation is one of the highly used services on social media platforms nowadays. It is mainly used to show emotions and feelings without sending any text. You will see several types of iMessage typing GIp emotions in the GIF such as happy, funny, crazy, love, sad, boring, and much more. With the help of iMessage typing bubble GIF, you can be able to prank anyone like with your friends, or any of the family members in a crazy manner.Β 

Also, you can be able to send any of the gifs in a direct manner with the help of your iPhone or also by iPad as well. It is also known as Apple typing GIF. So, if you want to know more about it then you must have to read this article till the end about imessage prank infinite typing gif

iMessage Dots GIF Prank | iMessage Typing Bubble GIF

iMessgae Typin Bubble Gif

You need to know that you can use GIF in any of the imeesage pranks to play on friends and also it is mainly used for fun only. If you are an iOS user like if you use iPhone or iPad then you can simply be able to make click and hold any of the PNG images and then simply send that image to anyone with whom you want to do this prank.

Also, you can simply select any photo from your phone and then simply paste that photo into the receipt message thread. You can also be able to save your image by making a click on the right-hand side of your MacBook or PC and then simply you need to make click on the option of “Save As”. 

What Exactly is a iMessage Dots GIF Prank?

If you don’t have any idea about what a GIF is then we will tell you that GIF is mainly a short form of Graphical Interchange Format and it is mainly used for the images and it was introduced by Steve Wilhite in the year 1987. Basically, he is one of the software writers living in the United States who is willing to animate the images in a very small size. 

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Easiest Methods to Send GIF to Anyone

Now, finally, we came up to the point which you eagerly want to know. Here, we are going to share the easy and simple methods by which you can be able to send GIFs to anyone. So, simply read the below-given steps in a careful manner. 

  • First of all, you need to select and hold any of the ONG images and then you need to send them to anyone. 
  • You have to put that image in the iMessage prank app download box and then you have to select any of the images. 
  • After this, you have to simply paste that selected image in the thread of iMessage of the recipient to whom you want to send the image. 
  • Then, you have to simply hold that image in the thread of the recipient’s message and paste it there. 
  • When you paste that image in a successful manner, then you can simply send it to the recipient. 

Also, in terms of the GIF iMessage prank app, you must need to be an iPhone user and either iPad or Mac user. If you are bored by texting those silly messages again and again and can’t find a way to express your feelings or emotions then these imessage prank GIF will be helpful for you to express your feelings and emotions. It would be fun when you try it. 

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Final Verdict:

As you know that typing bubbles are one of the best methods to express your feelings towards anyone instead of sending a text. If you like this article and if this article helps you to know about the iMessage prank in a proper manner then share this article with other people. Also, in case of any issue or query, you can use the comment section below to share your query with us. If this article is helpful for you then you must share this with other people like your family members or other people so that they also understand this useful information related to the iMessage Infinite Typing Bubble GIF


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