Best DA PA Checker Online 2023 (Free and Paid)

Best DA PA Checker Online 2023 (Free and Paid)

Best DA PA Checker Online: Being a Blogger or Website holder, many times you might have heard and even be knowing about Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) and might be wondering about the free and paid Best DA PA Checker Online tools to check the DA PA of your site to estimate how fruitful your effort is on your site.

Read this article covered here till the end and by the end of the article, you will be able to come to know a complete Idea about what is DA and PA of a site and what are theΒ Best DA PA checker online (Free and Paid) available today to give you the most precise result and idea analysis of your site.Β 

So, go through the end of the article and all the answer related to domain authority checker as well as page authority checker

Best DA PA Checker 2022?

DA PA Checker

Domain authority is a metric which is basically developed by MOZ which helps you with the idea of your site that how well it will rank on the SERP (Search engine result Page)

What is Domain Authority and Page Authority?

The DA Score ranges from Zero (0) to Hundred (100) where higher the Score and Higher the Chance for you to Rank on SERP.

Similarly in case of Page Authority also you have the same criteria but here at the place of your Domain, you get the page ranking factor. Rest you will see in detail below:

What is DA (Domain Authority?

AS you know that DA gives the idea of the ranking of your site (Domain) and higher the score in of DA from 0 to 100, higher is the SEO of it and Chance of Ranking of it on SERPs. Let’s understand abour Best DA PA Checker Online in details below:

Domain Authority Analysis depends on various factors which include the linking of root domains, total no. of links built in a single DA Score. 

You have various options of checking your DA of the website using MozBar, Link Explorer (a backlink analysis tool), SERP Analysis section of Keyword Explorer and dozens of other SEO tools on the Web.

Healthy DA: 

In General sites with a maximum number of high-quality External links (such links as of Wikipedia and Google Makes) comes on the higher rank of DA Scale. Again the sites of small businesses and websites with fewer links result in lower DA and if the newer domain always starts with DA score 1.

Because the Domain Authority should be a precursor to the ranking of a site, it should not be your only goal to have too many DA scores. But rather Analyze DA scores for those sites that you are competing directly in SERPs and get more points than your competitors. 

To do research in search results and determine which sites may have more powerful/important links than other people, it is best used as a comparative metric (instead of a full, solid score). Since this is a comparative tool, it’s not necessarily a “good” or “bad” domain authority score.

It is difficult to directly influence the Domain Authority. This metric and link are made up of a set of data that has an impact on the authorization score. The best way to influence domain authorization metrics is to improve your overall SEO. In particular, you should focus on your link profile by getting more links from other well-linked pages.

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What is PA (Page Authority?)

The Page Authority (PA) is also a score developed by MOZ itself, which shows how good a particular page is on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Page Authority scores range from one to 100, with the ability to rank higher.

Where can you find page authorization?

Page Authorization Matrix is ​​included in dozens of SEO and online marketing platforms throughout the web.

In the mosaic ecosystem, you can measure domain authority using the link explorer, MOZ bar, The SERP Analysis section of Keyword Explorer. Authorization Metrics has been included in all APIs as well.

The best way to influence the authorization of a page is to improve its link building profile. This can be accomplished by obtaining external links from other high-authority pages, which in turn serves as the “vote of confidence” for the right of your page.

Below are the Ways, You can increase your page authorization in an easy way:

  1. Create a page on a domain with high authority.
  2. Include internal linking from the page and for it.
  3. Delete any bad links pointing to your site (selected page).
  4. Make sure your page is fully functional and optimized for SEO.
  5. Make sure the content of the page you choose is highly detailed, relevant and original.
  6. In the context of external source authorizations and link relevant sites (this should point towards your chosen page), earn lots of high-quality inbound links.

Page Authority vs. Domain Authority

The main difference between the above two is while Page authority predicts the ranking status and strengths of a single page only, Domain measurement gives you the complete status of the Domain (sites) and its subdomain. 

Why should you check DA and PA?

 As you have seen that DA and PA authority is the tool which gives you the idea about the status of your site and also the page ranking status on the Google SERPs. Now, what is the use of it? Why go with domain and page authority checker

When you work on your site and the page you are working on doesn’t only mean to have the quality content but also the same should be delivered to your targeted audience and then only you are going to get the result. 

When you go with the domain authority rank checker tool either paid or free, you yourself will get the overall idea about where should you work and on the basis of all these data you will be able to analyze your competitor and rank toper than them. 

The same thing happens with your SEO page authority checker where you get the overall idea on how useful is your effort with that quality content of the page, backlinking and many more other criteria and based on that you can make more or eliminate false and negative links from it.

DA is very important for a website because it will help to index the content of new pages more quickly and will have a better chance of ranking prominently in search results.

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What is the role of DA and PA in on page SEO?

Google is giving unique rights to each page, page authorization is important. That’s why it is called Page Rank. Google is no longer updating page rank, but clearly, you can see that the keywords are found on its appropriate landing page.

When there are maximum backlinks in a site with other sites, it is said that this site has more domain authorities and there are more links with other sites.

And the more page authorizations a Page has which means link to other sites on your page has backlinks which are genuine and qualitative with the other sites it is linked.

With higher authority, you can get more traffic to your website and you can present your content from other sites as well. The search engine’s algorithm is based on popularity and authorization so that when you have more authority, you will get more rank and more people will get your site.

According to MOZ, the Domain Authority explains how likely it is to rank a domain based on how official search engines rank it on the basis of your backlink profile.

MOZ also explains that the Page Authority states that on the basis of official search engines it is determined that the probability of ranking a page is dependent on which sites it is linked to.

Best DA PA Checker Online Tools

When you have seen that how important is Domain Authority as well as Page Authority, you might be clear with the concept that it is necessary to check out the DA PA of a site time to time to ensure that your site and also the page you are working on it going in the right direction. 

But again the question comes out in mind that how to check Domain Authority? And also How to check Page Authority?

There are several page authority checker tools and also domain authority score checker platforms online which gives you the idea of your Sites DA and PA as well. You may even find some of the free domain authority checker tool and page authority checker free tools also which gives you the idea about it the DA and PA for free. But again when you go with the pro version of page authority and domain authority checker tool you will get the precise result about the status of your Domain and page and also the competitor sites’ idea which you can research and tackle in course of time to get the best result as well. 

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Best FREE DA PA checker online Tools

After coming to know the advantages of DA and PA check with the above tools, you might be searching for the site which gives you the advantages of free experience of DA and PA checking facilities. Here is the list of sites which you can choose to give an attempt to check out the Domain Authority and Page authority of your site. 

Bulk DA Checker

This Bulk DA checker is a straightforward and Best DA PA Checker Online tool that can check up to 10 domains at a time with the ability to extract as an Excel sheet. There are some Google banner ads on the page, but that doesn’t compromise with user experience and it is excellent.

You get the results as:

  • DA and PA score
  • Moser rank
  • External links that point to URL

The speed of your search result is also good, and there is no need to complete Captcha or add emails when repeatedly checking.

Domain Authority Checker Moz

This MOZ Link Explorer is the best and an only advertisement-free tool to check the quick domain authorization. And since it is official, you do not have to worry about whether the score is valid or not.

Here are the additional benefits of MOZ Link Explorer. With Best DA PA Checker Online, the link explorer also shows:

  • Total number of linking domains
  • Inner link
  • Ranking keyword
  • Have searched and lost
  • Spam score
  • Type of backlinks
  • And used anchor text

Prepost SEO Bulk Domain Authority Checker

Now here is the Twist, The bulk domain authority checker allows you to add up to 100 domains and check the scores in a few seconds. No annoying captcha or subscription is required and it is one of the Best DA PA Checker Online.

  • The result of the DA analysis includes:
  • DA and PA score
  • Moser rank
  • IP Address
  • And indexed pages in Google

And additionally, you can download the result as an Excel Spreadsheet for your next time use.

Robin Gupta Page Authority Checker

Domain authority checker robin Gupta is an easy interfaced tool and easy to use DA checker tool. This allows you to check the Domain Authority for 50 domains at one time with a single go. With DA and PA, you can even check MOZ Rank, IP address and if you want then can download results.

SEO Review Tool’s Website Authority Checker

The next free DA checker has been developed by SEO Review Tool. This is a basic tool that only checks one domain at a time. And you will come across a Captcha verification process in your way.

With the addition of DA and PA scores, it also shows:

  • External links for domain
  • Social share (for entered URLs)
  • Age of website

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Domain Authority Checker Small Seo Tools

If you are searching for even Bulk DA PA checker, Small SEO Tool allows adding 50 domain names at a time and the tool will provide scores for all of them with the single click. The other Best DA PA Checker Online features also include the services of:

  • DA and PA
  • Moser rank
  • IP address and location
  • Google index and Google cache

And if you want to save it as data then you have the option to download results for easy access as an Excel report and save it somewhere.

Best Paid Domain and Page Authority Checker

You might be knowing about MOZ when the terms come as website domain authority checker and website page authority checker. It the MOZ who brought the idea of DA and PA checking which gives you the graph for your domain and page ranking in the Google search engine.

When you go with the MOZ Pro version you have the deep analysis of your site including site error analysis, SEO opportunity, actionable insights and much more. 

With the MOZ pro version you have easy to use tools for keyword research, link evaluations, SEO fixing, Page Optimization and also the report performance as well. All the keyword tracking is for Google, Yahoo, and Bing with more than 200 countries.

You can choose the plan according to your convenience and need because the same MOZ Plan starts from Standard Version ($99/ month), Medium ($149/ month), Large ($249/month) till Premium version ($599/month) and as you pay more same type of advantages you get. 

How to check DA PA with DA PA checker?

Once you opt for DA and PA checking Process whether it is your free site landing or a paid version, you just have to start with the Dashboard of it. Sometime as you will open the Dashboard, you will find the Search bar present on the top of the dashboard.

Now you will have to paste the URL there for which you want the Page ranking Score for.

In case of Domain Authority checking, you will have to paste the URL link of the main site domain (like ) or in case of Page authority checking, you will have to paste the link of your respective page you want the PA for.

When you have pasted the URL and click on the search bar there, you will find the data shown you below of the highest DA and PA score. 

Now this score gives you the idea of where are you positioned in the search engine. 

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Final Verdict

Have you understood what the role of DA and PA in SEO is and how predominantly it affects the site SEO especially on page SEO? These Best DA PA checker online (Free and Paid) tools help you check out the DA and PA of your sites and even some of the paid tools have a free trial version as well. In that case, you can at least have the idea of your site and its page you want to check the DA and PA of, in case you have any.

Hope the concept of Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) became clear for you and also the site lists also might have helped you to choose the best one if you are planning to buy one and after the free trial, you can also opt for the paid version of Best DA PA Checker Online if you are the regular blogger and want the deep analysis of your site or competitor’s site.Β 

Was this article on Best DA PA checker online (Free and Paid) helpful to you? Did you satisfy with its answer? If so, then drop your feedback in the comment section below and if any suggestion and query let us know via your feedback writing to us.  

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