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www.walmartcardoffer.com/prescreen – Apply Walmart Credit Card Offer

If you are here to get to know the details related to walmartcardoffer com prescreen which is available at www.walmartcardoffer.com/prescreen then this article is going to be very helpful for you. This article will help the users to get to know every detail about it and also this article helps you to understand the process of how to apply for a Walmart card offer easily and quickly. So, if you really want to know about it, read and follow this article wisely by which you can understand all the possible details properly. 

Walmart Card Offer prescreen @ www.walmartcardoffer.com/prescreen


Below, we are going to share some of the major points about the Walmart credit card offer which you must need to know. Simply go through every detail about walmart gift card offers to know everything properly. 

  • You are required to apply for the Walmart credit card online and you can complete this process within 5 minutes. 
  • Also, the walmartcardoffer/prescreen is provided by Synchrony bank. 
  • The approval of this walmartcardoffer com prescreen card is not guaranteed and also the credit card needs a great credit score and also you must need to have good earnings as well to get this card. 

If you are willing to begin your Walmart card offer prescreen application then you are required to have the valid 11 digit acceptance code which you will get from the personal acceptance certificate front the application letter of your credit card. 

When you get that walmartcardoffer/prescreen.com 11 digit code then you need to enter that code properly and then you have to enter your last name and also the first name in the application. After completing this process, the Walmart cards offer a prescreen application that will take less than 1 minute to complete. When you complete the application process then you will get a decision on your line of credit on the basis of your credit details in an instant manner.

The site is already having on you and the personal information which you enter during the application. It generally takes a minutes or you will get a response when your application gets processed. There are mainly two different types of Walmart card which is the Walmart Preferred customer Credit Card and other one is Walmart Mastercard. The preferred customer card will gets used only for the purchases at Walmart and the Walmart Mastercard can gets used anywhere where the Mastercard logo is accepted.

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Walmart Card Offer Prescreen Quick Notes for www.walmartcardoffer.com/prescreen

Here we are going to share some of the quick notes about www.walmartcardoffer.com/prescreen which you must need to know. Simply check out all of them to know better about it.

  • All the applicants who are having the 11 digit acceptance code will get the approval of the credit card. 
  • Also, the people who don’t have the walmartcardoffer code then are allowed to apply for this card. 
  • Also, the Walmart credit card holders are allowed to get rewards when they buy something with the help of their Walmart credit card account. 
  • All the credit cards which were associated with this offer are required to get the license which was provided by the Mastercard international incorporated. 
  • Lots of people or the applicant who gets the approval from the company will get the 10% saving offer which is really appreciated when they make a purchase of $250. 
  • Also, you will see that the $250 purchase bonus will get applied on the credit statement. 
  • The credit card holders will be able to save more than 3% when they buy something online from the official website which is www.walmart.com
  • Also, the card holder will be able to save upto 2% when they will purchase the gas from the Murphys USAA or from the Walmart gas as well. 

Walmart Card Offer.com/Prescreen Verdict?

We will not suggest the walmart gift card offer pop up to the people at this card will only provide the 3% off on its official website at www.walmart.com and also this card doesn’t provide any type of signup bonus as well. 

Walmart Card Offer.com/Prescreen Notes of Interest

The Walmart credit card phone number is -877-294-7880 and also their customer support representative will be available to assist you every time means 24*7. 

Also, the Walmart credit card login is available at synchronycredit.com Walmart. 

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Walmart Credit Card Fees?

  • Late Payment fee: $38
  • Annual Fee: #0
  • If you are getting interest charged then it will be less than $1.

www.walmartcardoffer.com/prescreen Benefits

No Annual Fee: One of the very first benefits of this card is that there is no annual fee for the membership.

Gas Discount: The customers can be able to enjoy 5 cents off per gallon at the time of purchasing the gas at any of the Walmart gas station.

Special Financing: The cardholders can use the special financing offer on the purchases which is having the 6 to 24 months deal for the in-store purchases. Currently, it depends upon the amount of the purchase which you are making the customer will get no internet on the items if they are paid in the full prior to their 6 to 24 month financing date deadlines.

Cash Withdrawal: The cardholders can be able to enjoy the option to simply request up to $100 cash from the Walmart register/cashier.

FICO Score: The free FICO score is provided to the members when they register in the electronic statements.

Fraud Protection: The fraud protection is automatically available on the cards which will reset if any of the fraudulent charges takes place.

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Alternatives Of The Walmart Credit Card?

If you are looking for the Walmart credit card alternative then we recommend you to use the acgcardservices if you really spend a good amount of money. 

Also, the cardholders will get an amazing 100 bonus points, and also the cardholders will get 15 pints on every gallon for 30 days after getting the Exxon and Mobil. 

Also, the Amex Magnet Credit Card is one of the great options for people. The card members will get a $250 bonus and also the card comes up with no annual fee at www.walmartcardoffer.com/prescreen.

The Exxon Mobil Rewards Plus credit card is also one of the best option for the customers who spend lots of money on the gasoline. The customers will get 100 bonus points and the cardholders will get 15 points per gallon for the next 30 days at Exxon and Mobil after acceptance.

The AMEX magnet credit card or the American express magnet card holders will get $250 bonus and also this card comes up without any annual fee.

Customer Support Number

In lots of cases, you are required to connect with the walmartcardoffer com prescreen customer support and by this, you will be able to get the exact answer of your query or details related to this. Question of walmartcardcardoffercom/prescreen will gets answers at 877-294-7880 or also at 866-611-1148.

Also, you need to know that Walmart credit card reward will not end until your account comes in the good standing and every Walmart credit card account is not limited with the number of prized to gets earned with the credit limit. Also, the prized is not gets earned on the cash advances, interest charges and also the special funding offers as well.


  1. What Credit Score is Needed For A Walmart Card?

A credit score in the good range which is at least 650 is mainly required for this card. Also, this is only one walmart credit application and if you apply and not get approved for the walmart mastercard then you may get a walmart credit card.

2. Does Walmart Credit Card Have Special Financing?

Deferred interest financing like most of the retailer, walmart regularly provide the special financing deals to the eligible applicants. For example, the 6 to 24 months of interest free financing are mainly available to the customer who will print the certificate and apply for the walmart credit card in a store.

3. What Bank Does Walmart Credit Card Use?

Synchrony bank your credit score matter and those who are having low score may qualify for the walmart credit card which is completely affiliated, store-only card. Also, both the cards will gets issued by Synchrony bank which is specialized in store-branded credit cards.

4. How Do I Make a Payment On My Walmart Credit Card?

There are mainly two ways to make your walmart credit card payment and pay by the walmart’s online portal. Simply go to the walmart credit card account management page and its your first time logging into your account and you have to make a click on the register button. Now, enter your card number and zip code and then navigate to the bill pay section.

5. What Does Your Credit Score Have To Be Get a Walmart Credit Card?

A credit score in the good range which is at least 650 is required for this card. There is only one walmart credit app and if you apply and not approved for the walmart mastercard then you may gets offered a walmart credit card.

6. Can I Apply For a Walmart Credit Card Online?

You can be able to apply online for a walmart credit card online and simply get approved instantly. In this case, you will get a temporary card number which you can be able to use to simply start making the purchases.

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If you have any issue or query related to the Walmart card offer prescreen application available at www.walmartcardoffer.com/prescreen. Also, for further assistance, you may be able to make a call at 877-294-7880 or 866-611-1148. Also, you need to know that the Walmart credit card rewards will not last from your account and you can benefit from them anytime whenever you want. Also, you can’t be able to earn the walmartcardoffer prescreen rewards from the cash advantages or also on the interest charges or from the special financing offers. 


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