Westinghouse TV Won't Turn On - How to Fix 2023?

Westinghouse TV Won’t Turn On


Westinghouse TV Won’t Turn On: Due to any reason, lots of westinghouse tv are facing some of the issues where their westinghouse TV won’t turn on. There are lots of instances of Westinghouse television proprietors who said that they are facing this issue and some said that it is an issue which they have been facing for a long period of time. 

There are some of the fixes which help you to fix westinghouse tv won’t turn on. So, keep reading this article till the end by which you can easily be able to get rid of this article. So, keep reading this article till the end to know all the possible fixes. 

Westinghouse TV Won’t Turn On

Westinghouse TV Won’t Turn On

If your Westinghouse television won’t turn on then you are required to reset it. You have to turn off your TV and stand for 50 seconds. When the tv is turned off then you are required to simply press and hold the power button for 30 seconds and then after the 60 seconds, you have to plug your westinghouse television again and it ought to work. to fix Westinghouse TV Won’t Turn On, you can check out this article till the end.

How to Fix Westinghouse TV Won’t Turn On Issue – Complete Guide 2023

Took Out Westinghouse TV From the Wall

  • First of all, you have to turn off your Westinghouse television from the wall socket, which is one of the highly used methods to turn it on again. 
  • The key here is mainly to stand by the 60 seconds and you need to have a tad of tolerance and make sure that it is the moment prior to stopping it back again. 
  • When the tv is turned off then you are required to simply find and hold the power button on your westinghouse television for 30 seconds. 
  • Make sure that you are holding the power button of your tv not your remote. 
  • It will simply assist you with the depletion of many of the lingering power lefty into the tv and allow the tv to simply delicate reset automatically. 
  • It is not the same as turning the remote on and off. 
  • When you plug the tv back in after the 60 seconds then you will see it power back up without any issue. 
  • When this fix ought to work for nearly 80% of cases, the excess 20% is  the piece of trickery and you need to assure that you are experiencing the issues while getting your westinghouse issues getting your westinghouse television to simply walk out on the attempt to fix itemized underneath. 

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Remove Batteries from Westinghouse Remote

  • If turning off and connecting your tv again doesn’t fix the issue then you need to put an effort in for your far-off batteries. 
  • You have to try to remove two batteries completely from the remote. 
  • With the batteries eliminated, continue to hold down the power button on the remote for nearly 30 seconds, and ensure to do this for a complete 30 seconds. 
  • When the 30 seconds gets completed then you have to set the batteries back into the remote and then simply attempt to turn on the tv and it is good for it to control back on. 
  • You need to think about putting in the new set of batteries. 
  • In both of these states to fix the Westinghouse television power issue, you have to attempt the factory reset of your tv for a long lasting solution. 

Westinghouse TV Won’t Turn On

  • When your tv is turned on then you need to turn it off or eliminate the remote batteries which is having the option to control the tv and make a click on the home button on your remote. 
  • Now, go to the settings > system > advanced systems settings > factory reset > factory reset everything and now your tv will switch now and then again into the future and then simply show the initial setup screen. 
  • It will generally establish your Westinghouse television to the settings which it had when you bought it. 

Factory Reset Westinghouse TV Without Remote

If due to any of the reasons, you don’t access your tv remote then you can factory reset your westinghouse television. 

Use Side Buttons On The TV

  • For this, you have to track down the reset button which appears at the back side of your tv.
  • Contingent upon the mode which you are having and it may be at the right side or left side or extremely lower side of your tv. 
  • You have to take a ballpoint pen and then you are required to click on the reset button for nearly 10 to 15 seconds. 
  • You will see the westinghouse logo which appears on the display of your tb and when it appears then quit pressing the reset button. 

USB Console or Keyboard

  • It may be possible that you are facing issues to tack down these buttons on your tb or on the other side assume your tv is mounted without the doubt of having the tough time and there are some of the different choices. 
  • To start, you have to consider connecting a USB keyboard directly to the backside of your Westinghouse television. 
  • You can be able to use the keyboard to guide and simply reset the tv. 

Use Westinghouse Roku TV App

  • If you are having the westinghouse roku tv then you are required to download the roku app on your smartphone. 
  • To interfacing your television with the app, you are required to add your smartphone as the remote. 

Use Universal Remote

  • The last method is to get the universal remote which you are lying and then enter the proper westinghouse code for the remote to simply make it work properly. 
  • Now, you need to completely settle your power issue if you are not incorporated with the extra advances which are worth tough to tapping out. 

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Unplug and Plug Again the Power Cord from the Backside of the Westinghouse Television

  • One of the simple fixes of your power issue is to simply turn off the power rope from the backside of the tv. 
  • You have to leave this off for nearly 60 seconds or more and then simply plug it back again. 
  • When you plug it back, make sure that the association is cory and don’t maintain that it is free by any manner and a tight association is required to simply guarantee the television to get the stable power. 
  • When the power cable gets connected at the backside, you have to power on the tv by using the power button not by using the remote. 
  • You will see that the tv is reawakened. 

Select the Right Input Source

  • Your westinghouse television won’t turn on because of the wrong source of input and you are required to select the appropriate input for your tv to work properly. 
  • When you are using a streaming gadget, DVD player or the cable box, you are required to double check that your tv source or input gets matched with the number of HDMI ports and in the underneath of the model, you need to turn the tv to HDMI 2. 

You Can Also Select The Right Input Source Utilizing Two Unique Techniques

Technique 1: Empower Input Source Utilizing a Remote Control

  • You have to turn on your tv. 
  • Now, simply press the source button on your remote control. 
  • Simply select the ideal input mode. 

Technique 2: Change Input Source Without Remote Control

  • You have to turn on your tv. 
  • Now, you are required to press the MENU button. 
  • Use the volume button to simply guide the source choice. 
  • After this, you are required to press the menu button to select the best input source. 

You need to note that some televisions are having a source button at the back or any side which you can be able to use to select the selected input source. 

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Attempt An Alternate Power Plug

  • You are mainly having no luck up until this point and we try at connecting your westinghouse television to the alternate power plug into your home. 
  • Here and also on their outlet are having a short or the blown fuse and we don’t have any acquaintance with it. 
  • Also, to carry your television around, you need to get the more modest tool and extend it in the power source which you are attempting to use for the tv. 
  • If your device is powered on then you will realize that the particular outlet is working and it is not your issue.
  • It is logically not the reason but a good investigation step which will ought to rush to simply remove the suspect. 

Backlight is Broken

  • If nothing will work then it is completely conceivable that the backlight of your Westinghouse television is broken. 
  • The simple method to decide if this is the case is to simply turn on your TV and then take a flashlight and bring it near the display of your tv. 
  • You have to look carefully to check that there is any picture on the display when you flash the light. 
  • If you see any image showing up then it is real and likely on the grounds which will backlight your tv fizzled and it is supplanted. 

The Motherboard Might Be Damaged Now

  • Assume that there is a tempest and it is conceivable that your motherboard is fried and the best method to be aware without a doubt is to simply remove the back framing from the westinghouse television. 
  • When you do this then you will see a couple of boards and the motherboard is generally on the left and the power board at the right. 
  • To be certain that the issue is not in the power board, you are required to connect your tv and simply turn it on and then disconnect the link which will interface the motherboard to the power board from the side of the power board. 
  • If the tv illuminates then you will realize the power board is fine and you are having a terrible motherboard. 
  • Motherboards are generally the modest to supplant and you have to ensure to get the particular substitution by taking a look at the number on the actual board. 
  • On the other hand, feel free to have the tv repairman help you. 

Contact Westinghouse Support

If you really can’t get the westinghouse television to turn on, you are having a go to reach the westinghouse support team. Also, you can arrive at their assistance hotline which is available at 1-866-442-7873. Also, you can be able to fill out the form which is available on their support page online. 

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Final Verdict

Westinghouse television is really fussy with the power and if your westinghouse television won’t turn on then try these methods to fix the issue. 

  • You need to turn off your TV from the wall and simply stand for nearly 60 seconds. 
  • Simply eliminate the batteries from the remote and then hold the power button for nearly 30 seconds. 
  • You have to factory reset the tv. 
  • You have to reseat the power cable towards the backside of the tv. 
  • You need to ensure that your tv is in the right input source. 
  • You have to take a stab at connecting your tv to the alternate power source. 
  • Simply send the television in for the substitution of backlight. 
  • You have to send the tv in for the motherboard substitution. 
  • In terms of pulling up the guarantee and checking that it is still legitimate and in such a case, you will get stuck buying another tv. 

Let us know that these methods help you to fix Westinghouse TV won’t turn on the issue. Also, if you made the progress to accomplish something different then simply drop a comment below in the comment section and we will get back to you with the solutions for the queries. Also, do share this detailed article with others who are using westinghouse roku smart tv

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