Wasted On Destiny - Complete Guide With Top 10 Alternatives

Wasted On Destiny – Complete Guide With Top 10 Alternatives


There are lots of people from all over the world who spend most of their time playing wasted on destiny which is one of the famous video games where people or players travel in the galaxy at the time when they are commenting on the internet, “Any person does not play destiny”. But, while playing this game, people also wonder that they have wasted lots of their time in playing wonderful games. If you are feeling the same or if you are getting bored with this game then here we are going to tell you some of the best alternatives of wasted on destiny. So, read this article till the end to know more about it. 

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Wasted On Destiny

Wasted On Destiny

If you still don’t know about the wasted on destiny sites then you are required to read this article very carefully because this article is having lots of information related to wasted on destiny not working and also here we will tell you some of the best top 10 alternative sites of Wasted on Destiny by which you will get the similar experience like this game. So, now you are required to simply go through with this time wasted on destiny heat map article till the end because this article has very clear information. 

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About Wasted On Destiny

Worthless time on Destiny is one of the famous websites which will tell you how much time you waste or spend while playing the destiny series. On the top of this site, time wasted on destiny battle net is the only website which will tell you how much time you waste on the deleted character which is considered one of the worthless things. 

How to Use it

If you want to use destroyed time on destiny then it is very simple. You are only required to enter your playstation network ID and then then you need to enter your Xbox Live Game tag or your Battle.net ID in the search bar section. 

Frequently Asked Question

Here in this section, we are going to tell you some of the questions which were asked by the players to clear all their misunderstandings related to wasted on destiny. So, simply have a look below and get all the answers. 

  1. What is the time shown?

Basically the time which you spend on several activities like social spaces or class time. 

  1. Why is my username not working?

You need to make sure that you have type your accurate playstation network ID, Xbox Live Gamer tag or your Battle.net Id correctly. If you are still facing any problem then simply tell us about your problem. 

  1. Why is another player showing me when I am searching for my username?

It may be possible that the players are using the similar name which you do on any other platform. If you don’t see any account then you need to make sure that you type your username in a correct manner.

4. Who has the most hours on Destiny 2?

A policeman is having more hours in destiny 2 as he is having nearly 648 days and 1 hours into it.

5. How Do I Check My Hours in Destiny 2?

When you are in-game then you have to simply press shift + tab for the steam overlay and in the upper left side, you will see the current time. Under the clock, you can be able to see the length of the current gaming session, the minutes played into the past two weeks and also the total number of hours played.

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Best 10 Wasted On Destiny Site You Must Not Miss?

As you know that time on destiny is one of the websites which will tell you about how much time you spent on Destiny series. Also, at the top of the website, this is one of the only websites which will tell you about how much you spent on deleted characters which seems wasteful. 

Here, below we are going to tell you some of the best or top 10 alternatives which you can simply use on the place of Wasted on Destiny. If you want to know more then you are required to follow the below given list where you will get to know about similar sites like Wasted on Destiny

  1. DIM
  2. Destiny
  3. Destiny Rep
  4. Ghosts and Echoes
  5. Destiny 2 Checklist
  6. Public Events Tracker
  7. The Ishtar Collective
  8. Destiny Tracker Network
  9. Destiny 2 Trials Checker
  10. Vault Item Manager for Destiny


Here, you are able to control the way or yours on your items and swap items, check statics and also you are able to create a legend to load with DIM. 


At the time when you use the Destiny 2 companion apps then you will get to know that it will connect you with the destiny and adventure which was connected with it and also where life takes you. The same thing you are able to enjoy with on the Playstation Network, Xbox live and also on the battle.net as well. 

Destiny Tracker Network

There is a website available which will monitor the statistics in Destiny Tracker Network Games Online PVP Network Destiny. Also, it is having the leaderboards having an LFG feature and also a platform. Now, it also has some of the figures of Destiny 2. 

Destiny 2 Trial Checker

If you are an android user then you can simply access the Destiny 2 Trials Checker because this was completely designed only for the Android OS users.

Also, the features of this application allow the users to track all the changes in an easy manner and with the help of this, you are able to know about the information of the enemy as well. This feature also holds the advantages and statistical data and also the disadvantages of the opponent as well.

Destiny Rep

This is one of the mobile apps which you can access on Android devices and iOS devices as well. This app was developed and introduced by the JPAP. Also, this app allows the users to access the real-time status of their players online. It will also allow the users to get to know the rivals potential and the competitors and also the reputation of their figures as well.

Vault Item Manager for Destiny

Vault is one of the free application managers and also one of the most popular shared-world shooter games like Fate 1 and Fate 2. 

Isher Collective

As you know lots of things about this game but Isher collective comes up with a comprehensive and entertaining site where you are able to immerse yourself in the world of Destiny 2. 

Ghosts and Echoes

Here we are talking about the audio version of Destiny Grimoire Cards. As golden age artificial intelligence gives up a scattered history of the host of stars which also include the God Gherit, Marcus Whiteside, Virginia Dare and also the Strauss as well which was broadcast by the Strauss. You can simply set in the fiction of world science of the video game of Destiny, and also the Strauss provides the information related to the golden age of the mankind, passenger meaning and also some of the other related incidents as well which will lead to the downfall and also the character which will humankind has also take to the stars. 

Luck 2 Checklist

If we talk about the D2 checklist then the name is a checklist along with the objects, missions, artifacts and also you are required to keep an eye on each and everything which is required for Destiny 2.

Public Program Tracker

It is one of the companion apps which was made by mobile users like iOS and Android and also it has been developed by Xiansheng Yuan. Also, it gives a countdown to the public events which is one of the best methods to increase the representative and level as well.

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So, as the Wasted on Destiny is one of the platforms where you are able to simply get to know and track the time spent which has been cleared with the above given information. Also, in the above given article,  we have told you mostly each and every information related to the Wasted on Destiny. 

Also, the above given information will help you to get to know about the top 10 alternatives of wasted on Destiny which you must need to check. Also, if this article is helpful for you to get an answer of how long will destiny be down then simply let us know by dropping a comment below and also if you have any query or issue then drop it in the below given comment section and we assure you to solve your query in a very quick manner. 

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