The Windows10Upgrade Folder - Delete or Not to Delete

The Windows10Upgrade Folder: To Delete Or Not To Delete [Solved]


The Windows10Upgrade Folder: There might have been days when you got puzzled and couldn’t find the best possible way to solve the issue of the Windows 10 Upgrade folder then, let me tell you that you are not alone in the race. There are many like you who are constantly searching for the correct and safest ways to remove it.

If you have recently upgraded your Windows operating system then, you would have surely come across a folder which is called windows10upgrade folder windows 11 and you tried removing it but it did not happen and you failed.

Let me assure you that, there are some tips and tricks which I am going to present to you and that will surely help remove the folder from your computer and the bonus is that removing this folder will not harm your computer. Also, some people ask that windows10upgrade folder safe to delete or not and if you are one of them then you will get your answer by reading this whole article.

What is The Windows10Upgrade Folder?

When you uninstall the Windows 10 upgrade assistant will automatically remove the windows10upgrade folder. 

Now, you must be curious to know what exactly the windows10upgrade folder in d drive is. Then, it is essential to know that the β€œC:\Windows10Upgrade” folder is generated whenever you install the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant to update your Windows 10 device. Also, if you want to know that β€œcan I delete windows100upgradefolder” then read this article till the end.

The β€œC:\Windows10Upgrade” folder is generally around 19.9 MB large and houses the program files for the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant App. In the event, you don’t need the Windows 10 update assistant app then, you can certainly just uninstall it to safely delete the β€œC:\Windows10Upgrade” folder.

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How To Remove Windows10Upgrade Folder?

Under this section, we are going to tell you the basic and fundamental way to remove this folder from your device. You are suggested to use each and every step carefully and move forward with this simple method to delete windows10upgrade folder.

Uninstall the Windows 10 Update Assistant App

  1. The first step in the process is to Navigate to your Control Panel.
  2. Choose the Apps and Features option.
  3. Locate the Windows 10 Update Assistant.
  4. Select the above option and Uninstall.
  5. You will get a confirmation pop-up which asks – β€œAre you sure to uninstall Windows 10 update Assistant?”
  6. You need to confirm and You are done.

Ten Forums Removal Method

According to Ten Forums, the following process will help you remove the windows10upgrade folder esd file. You are suggested to follow each instruction very carefully about windows 10 update assistant:

  1. The first step is to open up Programs and Features in Windows 10 and then Select the Upgrade Assistant to remove the app.
  2. When you are prompted by the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant, you need to select and uninstall to remove it.
  3. When the Windows 10 upgrade assistant will get uninstalled completely, the β€œC:/Windows10Upgrade” folder will automatically get removed.

How to Delete Windows.old After Windows 10 Upgrade?

The Britec09 YouTube channel provides a video walkthrough for Windows 10 users about the Windows 10 upgrade tool. He uses the Disk Cleanup method, navigating to the C: root directory and conducting a scan.

Once the scan is done, you just make your selections of what you want to windows10upgrade folder remove by ticking the boxes and then click on Clean Up System Files.

According to this YouTuber, the Windows. The old folder contains file folders that are generally used to save all your previous operating systems in case you want to downgrade or rollback to it.

So, he says, if you don’t need them, then get rid of them, especially if you’ve got a solid-state drive with less space than a traditional hard drive.

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Windows Vista & Windows 7 Windows.old Removal

If you are using an older-generation Windows operating system then, you might have faced a related issue while dealing with the Windows.old folder. Similar to Windows 10 users dealing with an unnecessary upgrade folder. 

As per another expert, if you have upgraded from an older version of Windows upgrade assistant, you will have a Windows.old folder on your computer. It is likely consuming up a huge space of the hard drive memory. He says it is safe to delete- but does require a bit of a different process.

According to him, this windows.old folder is not something new with windows10upgrade folder missing, but pre-Windows 10, you would only notice it if you had bought a new version of Windows and then used it to upgrade a PC that had an older Windows OS installed.

How To Delete The Windows.Old folder Without Using Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup

Under this section, we have combined all the major fixes for Windows 7 and Vista that will help you delete the Windows.old folder without using the Disk Cleanup method.

Following are the instructions which you should use carefully:

  1. Open an Elevated Command Prompt

Start – input Search box -> CMD find at top – Right Click – RUN AS ADMIN

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How to Open an Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 7

  1. The Prompt most likely looks similar to C:\Windows\System32>

Type this at the prompt after which hit ENTER


The actual prompt should look like C:\>

  1. Type this at the prompt after which hit ENTER

DIR Windows.old

It should look like C:\>DIR Windows.old

It ought to return:

Directory of C:\Windows.old

and display the contents of Windows.old

That’s just to ensure the Windows.old folder is under C: (the C Drive) – otherwise, STOP

  1. Type this at the prompt and after that hit ENTER

Attrib -r -a -s -h C:\Windows.old /S /D

It ought to look like C:\>Attrib -r -a -s -h C:\Windows.old /S /D (there are SPACES between Attribute and -r and -a and -s and -h and C:\Windows.old and /S

and /D). The C:\ is the drive Windows.old is located on.

It ought to return you to the prompt C:\ if it shows an ERROR then STOP – check the command and if it was entered accurately you aren’t in the appropriate spot. You may have to run the TAKEDOWN command:

TAKEOWN /f Windows.old /a /r

and repeat Step 4 – were you using an Elevated Command Prompt? Are you logged to an

ADMIN account?

  1. Enter this at the prompt and after that hit ENTER

RD /s Windows.old

Should look like C:\>RD /s Windows.old

(there are SPACES between RD and /s and Windows.old )

Will return Windows.old, are your sure Y/N type Y

(If you get a message that you do not have Ownership Rights then issue this command and hit ENTER

TAKEOWN /f Windows.old /a /r

and repeat Step 5 – were you using an Elevated Command Prompt? Are you logged to an ADMIN account?

  1. Enter this at the prompt and after that hit ENTER

DIR Windows.old

Should look like C:\>DIR Windows.old – and hit ENTER

It ought to return:

Directory of C:\

File Not Found

Which confirms it is gone.

  1. Close the COMMAND window 

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Final Words:

The above article consists of all the simple fixes and methods that will help you remove the Windows10Upgrade Folder from your Windows device. The following process would free up some hard drive space and the deletion process is quite simple to comprehend and use.

For the process, you don’t even have to resort to searching through Reddit technical support forums for a fancy method because this can be accomplished through a simple uninstallation process. Although we have covered all the aspects related to the removal process of the Windows10Upgrade folder, if you have any questions or suggestions about the windows windows10upgrade folder, you can simply mention them in the comments section below. 

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