PaturnpikeTollByPlatePaturnpikeTollByPlate – The PA turnpike plate tolling system will gets operated by the proper license and it is one of the popular thing in the E-ZPass customer who will use the cashless tolling at the particular locations on the PA turnpike. Also, the toll gate management will use the cameras to simply monitor the vehicles which are traveling at the very high speed. 

People who use the toll highway will simply opt to pay their tolls online by simply accessing their official website. In order to make the online payment, you can simply make a visit to their websites which are or | PATurnpikeTollPlate Login 2023

You have to make a PATurnpike TollByPlaye Login into your account before you use the online payment system. The Payment can simply get done with a credit card, mastercard, discover, american express or the visa. Also, you can pay in person with the help of cash as well at

About PATurnpikeTollByPlate

PATurnpike toll plate is one of the toll highways of the Pennsylvania turnpike commission which is completely responsible for managing the 350 mile turnpike which stretches the state of Pennsylvania and starts at the Ohio state line on Lawrence county. This toll highway will also operate in Pennsylvania, USA. The customers can also be able to pre-register their vehicle into the PATurnpike TOLL BY PLATE program for ease and  this service also allows the registrants to get the monthly invoices by the email or also by the regular mail. 

One of the major benefits of pre-registering for pa turnpike toll by plate is the ease of use even if the vehicle is rented, leased or also owned by the company. After making a registration in a successful manner, every account will get the particular management tabs to manage their account which also include the vehicle type, invoices, disputed and also the other details. In the process of making a login into your account, you have to know your account number, invoice number and also the postcode as well. 

PATurnpike TollByPlate Login

The main purpose of the PATurnpike TollByPlate Login portal is to simply provide a method to pay the toll invoices online. If you are willing to make the toll payment process in an easy manner then you can be able to do this by making a login into the portal which is available at and pay the toll online. To make a login, you have to enter your unique account number, invoice number and also the postcode as well. 

How to Register at

In order to create a turnpike toll by plate po account, you have to follow the steps which we are going to share below. 

  • First of all, you need to make a visit to the official website at
  • Now, you have to click on the link which says β€œOpen A Toll By Plate Account”. 
  • Then, you need to enter your email address, license plate details and also any of the relevant leased or rented agreements. 
  • At the end of the page, you have to make a click on the next button. 
  • Now, check the box to simply access the terms and conditions and then click on the next button. 
  • You will get the options to add vehicle details. 
  • Simply note that every account will hold up to four vehicles and to add more, you have to contact the customer support team. 
  • At last, make a click on the next button to continue the process. Login

You need to make a login into your PATurnpike toll by plate account which is available at www PaturnpikeTollByPlate com and then you have to simply read and follow the steps which we are going to share below. 

  • First of all, you have to make a visit to the official website of plate po box pittsburgh pa at PaturnpikeTollByPlate com
  • Make a click on the login button which is available at the top right side of the page. 
  • You need to simply enter your account number, invoice number and also your postcode in the respective field. 
  • Now, click on the sign in button to make a login into your account. 
PATurnpike Toll By Plate Account Benefits

There are lots of benefits to use the PATurnpike Toll By Plate account which are as follows:

  • Convenience: By having an account, you can be able to view and pay out your tolls online which is so easy as compared to paying in person or by mail. 
  • Account Management: You can also update your account information like your vehicle details and also the address by the website. 
  • Cheaper Toll Rates: When you register for E-ZPASS then you will be able to pay the lowest toll rates with the help of the Toll By PLATE invoice. 
  • Access to Toll Schedules: You can be able to access the toll by plate po box schedule by using the website which will help you to plan your trips and also the budget for tolls. 
  • Rate Information: You can also use the toll calculator page to simply check out the toll rates in advance which will help you to make the informed decisions related to your travel plans. 
  • Is the PA Turnpike Still Toll By Plate?

Yes, the PA Turnpike will provide the toll by plate as the option of pay form for the tolls. Toll by plate is one of the systems which will use the cameras to photograph the license plates of the vehicles as they will pass through the toll booth, and the till is also changed to the registered owners of the vehicle. This system will also allow the drivers to simply pay their tolls without stopping at a toll booth. 

  • How Do I Pay a Toll Violation On The PA Turnpike?

If you get a toll violation notice from the PA turnpike commission then you may be able to pay out the toll and any of the associated fees online or also by phone or by mail as well. Here, we are going to share the steps to pay a toll violation. 

  • You need to make a visit to the PA turnpike website at and then make a click on the toll violation tab. 
  • Now, select the pay a violation option and then you have to enter the necessary details like your license plate number and the notice number which is provided on the violation notice., 
  • You have to now review the toll and fees which are due and then select a payment method. You can also pay by credit card, check or by the money order as well. 
  • If you are paying by mail then you can simply send your payment along with the copy of the violation notice to the address which is available on the notice. 
  • What is a PA Turnpike Transponder?

A PA Turnpike transponder is one of the small electronic devices which will be used to pay out the tolls on the PA turnpike and also the other toll roads in the E-ZPASS network. The transponders are mainly mounted on the inside of the windshield of the vehicle and they also communicate with the sensors at the toll booths to automatically deduct the toll from the driver’s account as the vehicle will pass by the booth. 

  • Can I Pay Cash On PA Turnpike?

On the PA turnpike, cash payments will be accepted at the selected toll plazas. Also, it is really worth to note that not all the toll plaza will access the cashand cash payments will take longer to proceed which may lead to the long wait time at the toll booth. If you want to pay with cash then you have to simply pull up at the toll booth and then enter the correct amount of cash to the toll collector who will give you a receipt. Also, you may be able to use a credit card, debit cards or the E-ZPass to simply pay your tolls on the PA Turnpike. These payment methods will simply get accepted at any of the toll plaza and help you to avoid the delays. 

Paturnpiketollbyplate Contact Info

Here we are going to share the contact details for PATurnpikeTollByPlate which will be helpful for you in any situation. 

  • Phone: 1-877-743-272
  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: PATurnpike Toll By Plate P.O. Box 67676 Harrisburg, PA 17106-7676

PA Turnpike Commission for E-ZPass Social Media Accounts

The PA Turnpike commission which will operate the E-ZPass toll system is having a presence on lots of social media platforms which are as follows:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

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Final Verdict

Above we have shared all the details about PATurnpike TollByPlaye Login which is available at In case of having trouble or query, you can use the below-given comment section. Do share this article with others so that they can be able to take the benefits from this article. 


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