Hong Kong Travel Tips | Entry Restrictions – Quarantine Rules

Hong Kong Travel Tips: If you are going to depart somewhere then one thing you need to ensure is that you have verified the requirements of quarantine and also ensure the hong kong travel restrictions UK of entry in Hong Kong. The passengers or travelers from all over the world want to know if anyone can travel to Hong Kong and if yes then how? Some of the important thing which every traveler want to know during they are planning to visit Hong Kong is: 

  • Restrictions and also the regulations on the passengers to travel into the danger areas. 
  • Who can be able to travel Hong Kong?
  • Availability of flights to Hong Kong?
  • News about Hong Kong dates and Travel. 
  • Is it necessary to quarantine, if anyone travels to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Travel Tips | Who Can Travel to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Travel Tips

If you want to travel to Hong Kong then you need to know that the hong kong travel restrictions need a permanent ID card which has:

  • “A” or “R” or the “Asterisk” code. 
  • Also, which have a “C” code (It is a type of valid study visa or also a kind of work visa).
  • Which also has a “U” code (which is a type of HKID representing the approval of Hong Kong immigration in advance so that it gets accepted in all the check-in points).
  • Must have Hong Kong identity papers. 
  • Also need to have a British National password (having the rights to abode into Hong Kong) or either need to have a Hong Kong SAR passport. 
  • You need to know that the borders of Hong Kong get closed because of:

                   1. Hong Kong is not accepting the entry of every person from overseas Countries who are traveling via a flight because Hong Kong denied entry due to hong kong travel restrictions from us.

                   2. Also, the non-Hong Kong travelers who belong to Taiwan, Mainland, or Macau are restricted from entering Hong Kong if they travel overseas within the last 14 days. 

                   3. Also the people who are transiting by Hong Kong. 

  • People can only be allowed to transit by Hong Kong if:
  1. They required entry from their last destinations. 
  2. Also, they are having all the items like their baggage which gets checked by their last destination. 
  3. They only allowed a single booking. 
  4. They must be issued their go-ahead pass or passes. 
  5. Their connection time must be in between all the flights within 24 hours. 

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Hong Kong Travel Restrictions

  • If you are traveling from China to Hong Kong then you can transit to Hong Kong airport for a long time till you provide them with the instructions because of the hong kong travel restrictions from Canada
  • There is no transiting to the Chinese mainland destination. 
  • You can be able to use the Hong Kong Airport sea to air service but you can be able to use the air to sea service in Hong Kong. 
  • Officials are allowed to travel to Hong Kong by the authorities for the work of health. 
  • The people who are coming from Taiwan, Macao, or the Chinese mainland and also those who don’t travel overseas within the past 14 days are allowed. 
  • The people who are having official passports or diplomatic passports. 
  • People who are having an entry visa or study visa or also the work visa as well. 
  • If you are going to enter then you must submit your health declaration form and also the travelers are required to submit their form online. 

Is It Necessary To Quarantine If You Are Travelling to Hong Kong

All the passengers who are traveling to Hong Kong then are required to provide a medical test when they arrive in Hong Kong and also after that they need to undergo a 14 days quarantine service. Also, the travelers who are arriving by the Hong Kong international airport are required to visit the TSCC which is known as Temporary Specimen Collection Center in terms to set some of the hong kong travel restrictions 2021. Also, all the passengers are not required to be quarantined if they stay in Hong Kong for three days. 

Hong Kong Dates and Travel Bubbles

As per the announcement made by Hong Kong and Singapore, that the two-way air hong kong travel bubble provides leisure and also by any other travel in between the two different countries without completing the quarantine process. 

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Regulations of Passengers from Risky Areas

The government set some of the rules for the passengers as the hong kong travel restrictions covid for those, who are arriving from some of the highlighted corona areas and also stay there more than 14 days. Like, if you are coming from Indonesia, India, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, Nepal, Bangladesh. If you are traveling and coming from these countries then you must have a negative report of the corona test or also the confirmation of the hotel room as well. 

Test Reports

You are required to have a test report which was provided by the healthcare institution or also by a laboratory which is having the passenger name. 

  • They are required to attempt a COVID-19 nucleic acid test.Β 
  • You must need to give the sample of the test 72 hours before the Hong Kong flight departure.Β 
  • You need to have a hotel room confirmation.Β 
  • Also, the travelers just need to have a hotel confirmation as a part of Hong Kong travel restrictions. Also, the confirmation can be digital or printer and just need to be in Chinese or English language.Β 
  • All the people coming from all these countries will get the accommodation. Also, the travelers must be quarantined for 21 days in a hotel room.Β 

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