Youtube 500 Internal Server Error – Fix & Solution

Youtube 500 Internal Server Error – Fix & Solution


Youtube 500 Internal Server Error: Watching videos on youtube is an amazing experience. Whenever you get bored just open YouTube and start watching your favorite youtube video on your device. It is a collection of all kinds of entertainment and information in videos form. But there are some limitations and you must have encountered the problem of the youtube 500 internal server error

As YouTube server is the second largest search engine video platform worldwide, it is the company’s task to keep every 500 error code away from the platform so that users could get the most amazing experience. So, guys, we are going to learn in this article how you can fix this message of youtube 500 internal server error on your screen within a few minutes. So read the whole article very carefully so that you can know about the solution to this problem and get to know about how to fix http error 500.

YouTube 500 Internal Server Error

Youtube 500 Internal Server Error

No need to worry as you are not alone and every one of the YouTube users gets this 500 internal server error youtube error message on the platform, which is not a big problem. There could be many reasons to get this HTTP 500 error on YouTube. You can probably get the fix for 500 internal server error PHP as easily as possible when you clear your browsing history and cache. This is considered to be an easy task here. If you are not getting the HTTP error 500 fixed, you must look at the below solution and fixes for the youtube comment error 500 problems.

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An Easy Method

You can either open YouTube in incognito mode or play your favorite videos. Incognito mode is a mode in the browser where your history and cookies do not get recorded so it is a clean way to just open your browser, do the operation and close the browser. Now your history won’t be saved and you will not get 500 internal server error youtube monkey.

To open the incognito browser just see the below steps:

  • Open your normal browser whether it is chrome, Firefox, or any other browser.
  • Go to the top right corner of the screen and click on the three vertical dots.
  • A pop-up menu will open where you have to click on the β€œNew Incognito Window”.
  • Now you have opened the Incognito mode of the browser.
  • Now copy that link where you were getting the β€œerror loading youtube”.
  • Paste that link in the Incognito browser and hit enter.
  • Try refreshing the page to see whether the error 500 internal server error is fixed or not.

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What is YouTube 500 Internal Server Error

If you are getting this youtube server down error too frequently and want to know about 500 internal server error meaning then no need to worry as we will get you to all the possible solutions to this problem. This is not your computer’s or internet fault. This is the fault of the youtube server status. You can only wait for this problem to get resolved in time. 

Several of the users have experienced the same youtube error problem in their browsers and the problem has been fixed within no time. However, if you can also check out some of the fixes below before sending a message to their customer care.

How to Fix YouTube 500 Internal Server Error

Sorry! An error occurred youtube! Are some of the common errors that you get on your screen. Try out these fixes on your browser. If you really want to know about how to fix 500 internal server error in android then you have to check out the solutions which we are sharing below.

Fix 1: Let the YouTube Team Fix this Problem

If you came across this problem of youtube 500 internal server error, wait patiently for the server to get online. The server is fixed in no time and it hardly takes less than 3 minutes to fix this problem for the YouTube team. 

Fix 2: Try Refreshing the YouTube

This kind of 500 internal server error lis only lasts for not more than a few minutes. Try refreshing your browser for this kind of internal server error 500.

  • Open the browser and press the F5 button.
  • Alternatively, you have the facility to click on the reload or refresh button placed on top of the browser adjacent to the YouTube website address bar.
  • Or you can also click on the Back or the Forward button to remove the error of youtube 500 internal server error.

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Fix 3: Erase the Browsing History or Clear the Cache

When you surf the internet on the browser, a lot of waste data accumulates in cookies and browsing history. Clearing the cache of the browser could lead to success in removing this 500 internal server error iis. Various browsers have different steps to remove those kinds of errors. We have mostly covered the maximum popular browsers in this section.

Google Chrome

  • Open the browser and go to the browser’s settings section by clicking on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the browser.
  • After that click on the Show Advanced Settings.
  • In the Advance settings menu click on the Clear Browsing Data.
  • Then you have to check and clear all the browsing history, cookies, websites and plugins, passwords that are saved by default, cache, images, and other data.
  • Return to the YouTube website and check that the problem is fixed or not.


  • Open the browser and go to the Firefox settings menu of the browser.
  • Then you have to open the Clear Private Data section.
  • Go to the Clear Private Data section.
  • Then Go to Cookies/ Cache.
  • Then click on the Clear Private Data button.
  • Click on the OK button.
  • Return to the YouTube website and check that the problem is fixed or not.

Internet Explorer

  • Open the Internet Explorer and go to the settings menu of the browser.
  • Then Go to Internet Options.
  • Then Go to General Tab.
  • Then click on the Browsing History/ Temporary Internet Files and website files.
  • Click on the Delete button.
  • Return to the YouTube website and check that the problem is fixed or not.


  • In the Safari browser enter the Preferences section and click on the Privacy section.
  • In the section of Cookies section, you have to click on the Remove All Website Data. You can alternatively click on the Develop menu to Empty the cache.
  • Proceed to the YouTube Tab and refresh the page to get the youtube network error 503 resolved.

The process is the same as Opera browser and all the General browsers. You just have to go to the settings and click on the Clear browsing data to fix youtube error 500 comments

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Fix 4: Contact YouTube Customer Support

When you have tried all the above options, you are left to place your query in the YouTube Customer Support for resolving the error 500 youtube android. The YouTube team could be contacted via the phone number i.e. 1 650 253 0000 or connect with them through the YouTube forum or the Social Media pages.

YouTube Forum Support

To get this error resolved we also tried the forum of YouTube. From there we got to know that there are several of the persons who are affected by the same problem of youtube error playback id or YouTube 500 internal server error fix, and YouTube 500 internal server error 2019.

A person had the same error and he posted it on the forum. He got to know that the YouTube team is already working to fix this error and will be resolved soon. They reassured him that the error would be fixed as soon as possible. 

Another person in the forum complained about the 500 internet server error as he was accessing his YouTube channel via pasting the link of his channel directly in the URL of the browser. Then the team advised him to first see the youtube main page and then go to his channel.

A person remarks that you can use a YouTube video downloader to download some videos to watch when the YouTube server is down. He also mentions that you never know when YouTube will be down for hours and it’s better to be prepared.

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We hope by now it has been clear on how to resolve the youtube 500 internal server error and it has nothing to do with your personal internet connection and there is nothing to worry about it. Just sit back and relax and wait for some time. As it happens that the server of YouTube is not responding and a company like YouTube will never want that millions of their customers have to wait for their website to come back. 

Since we do not know when such types of error could occur, you could just download your important videos, and then when this error occurs, you can view these downloaded videos. In case you have more problems related to YouTube you can ask in the comments section below. We are eagerly waiting for your response.

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