AMPDevicesAgent? What Is It? [Complete Details 2023]

AMPDevicesAgent? What Is It? [Complete Details]

If you are one of the iPhone or Mac users and face a popup message from AMPDevicesAgent that asks you to enter the keychain password, you don’t need to worry about it. Basically, the message appears as: “AMPDeviceagent wants to use your confidential information stored in iOS backup in your keychain. To allow this, enter the login keychain password”. 

So, if you want to get rid of this problem, you don’t need to worry about it. With the help of this article, you will get to know all the basic methods by which you can quickly solve this problem. 

What is AMPDevicesAgent?


The AMPdevicesAgent Catalina message doesn’t show that it was sent from Apple or a malicious software popup. Also, it will ask you to place the password, which helps the users use their keychain where lots of useful data get stored like all kinds of passwords and some of the private data like the credit card or the debit card details. 

If in this case, you neglect to enter your password in a continuous manner and didn’t enter the password carefully. Also, there are several people who don’t have any idea about the need for keychain access. So, in this case, users will start facing the security problem and also they will get the ampdevicesagent cpu access in terms of their keychain account. 

AMPDevicesAgent? What Is It?

Ampdevicesagent passwordis basically a process that runs in the background and mainly exists in the MacOS Catalina versions. Also, this error is mainly the reason for the sync of iPads and iOS devices at the time when they use the finder app. You need to know that it is not malware and also it is one of the best available options in the macOS ecosystem.

This function mainly takes place from iTunes and also such codes will also get separated into several types of processes like the AMPDevicesAgent ios backup password. You are only required to confirm by entering into the activity monitor where all the processes of apple are available. Mainly it is available at: 

AMPDevicesAgent Wants to Use Your Confidential Information

You must understand that the AMPDevicesAgent mac CPU usage will only use the private data stored in the iOS backup under the keychain. If you want to access that iOS backup then you must enter the keychain password. 

On the other hand, this message will appear when AMP device agents try to take a local backup of all those devices connected on the Wi-Fi only if the backup option was enabled under the Finder app settings in your macOS device. Also, the backup was mainly an encrypted backup of your devices such as the iPhone or the iPad. 

You are required to understand that your login password is the keychain password and if you get stuck and can’t remember keychain password, you only need to enter the login password. So, if you are the one who said that i don’t know my keychain password mac, you can simply enter your login password there to access your account. 

Why Does AMPDevicesAgent Need So Much Processing Power?

We understand your pain that you are working on an important project and editing a video and you find out that your CPU is doing a background task about which you don’t have any idea. When you see the AMPDevicesAgenr in CPU, it will mainly sync your laptop or device with the iPhone or iOS devices. 

These things mainly occur in the background of the computer and you don’t get any notification in some cases. It is really normal if it happens and the CPU usage will decrease when the sync process gets completed. 

Also, you can disable the auto-sync and also wireless sync as well. It means that you are required to upload the backup files manually, but this process will save your time and get rid of the CPU lags problem. 

How to Disable AMPDevicesAgent?

You can easily be able to disable the automatic CPU process. Many methods help you get rid of the useless process that runs in the background without having your knowledge. You need to remember that it is really important to sync all your information. The syncing of the data files regularly will help you know about digital security and save your private information. 

If you really want to disable the automatic process then you need to try to set weekly uploading and take the backup of the files manually. 

There are also lots of available methods which will help you to disable AMPDevicesAgent on your iPhone by the automatic syncing in the AMC like removing the iPhone from the Finder app and also to stop the finer to gets open automatically and to disable iPhone sync in the app of the finder. 

Why AMPDevicesAgent Needs Your Password?

AMPDevicesAgent is not a virus or malware and it is a part of the MacOS ecosystem and getting this AMPDevicesAgent notification message is normal and you are not need to be as concerned about it. AMPDevicesAgent want to use the confidential data and also the other data stores into your keychain at iOS backup. The notification mainly ask you the password to simply access to your keychain which have the details of all the saved passwords and also added sensitive information like credit or debit card details.

You will get this message on your device when AMPDevicesAgent in MacOS catalina willing to perform the local backup of all the connected devices over the Wi-Fi and if you deny the access then the error message will keep asking you for the password. It is the expected behavior and you doesn’t need to worry to enter your keychain password and then you have to enter the login keychain password to simply allow this.

If you doesn’t know that what is your keychain password and you need to note that it is the same as your login password. There is also an option to get it changed by the particular path as:

System Preferences > Security and Privacy > General > Change Password.

FAQs About AMPDevicesAgent

  1. What is AMPDevicesAgent On My Mac?

The AMPDevicesAgent on mac is one of the device manager which is mainly gets used to backup, restore and also to update the devices. It mainly occur when you sync your devices over the Wi-Fi connection.

2. What is AMP Device?

It is an electronic device which simply increase the voltage, current or the power of the signal. Also, the amplifiers will gets used in the wireless communications and for the broadcasting and the audio equipment of all types.

Final Verdict:

So, finally, we discussed all the details related to the AMPDevicesAgent and also we hope that this informative article helps you to know all the major aspects about it. This article will tell you some of the useful methods which will be helpful for you to fix this AMPDevicesAgent BigSur issue. If this article will be really helpful for you in terms of getting rid of this error then drop your valuable feedback in the below-given comment section. 

Also, if you or any of your friends use the iOS device, then they must share this article with them to benefit from this article. If you get stuck while following this article’s steps, don’t worry and drop your query in the below-given comment section. 


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